There are many factors to consider when choosing a car, such as shape, brand, price, fuel consumption, performance, safety, reliability, comfort, off-road, and even evaluation. Considering so many factors often causes new drivers to fall into the car disorder.

I have summarized the following tips for you:
1.column one table

On a table, write down your simple requirements for a new car, such as:
New or used car?
Is there a warranty?
Expected fuel consumption performance?
Performance, horsepower? Predecessor, rear drive or four-wheel drive?
High-tech configuration?
Apple CarPlay?
Blind spot detection?
Reversing radar or camera?
Semi-automatic driving? Wait.
Of course the most important thing is your maximum budget price. Arranging the above conditions in order of priority to low, and then starting the car selection will greatly shorten your car selection time.
* like this
Buying a car request:
German or Japanese luxury sedan
Budget of $20,000
Used car within 4 years
It is best to have an extra warranty on the CPO.
Four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive
Reverse image
Navigation or CarPlay
Fuel consumption above 25MPG
Leather upholstery and heated seats
Don’t red
Large trunk space
Can I borrow?
If you find this step is difficult to complete, it means that you are still in the enlightenment stage of buying a car, feel free to leave a message to us, we are happy to answer any questions about the car!
2.List the expected models

By checking out the checklist that you wrote, you can eliminate most of the models that you have missed. The remaining models may be around 3~7 units. At this time, use the network to search for vehicles that meet your requirements. For used cars, This is especially important. The source of used cars needs you to go to the nearby big cities to find the desired model. However, you can find a student club for you, any model, professional car consultant one-on-one to help you find, and free to the door!
* like this
Interested models:
Used BMW X3 (less source)
Used BMW 328 xDrive
Audi used Q5 (high mileage)
Audi used A4
Used Volkswagen Tiguan
Used Toyota RAV4
Infiniti second hand QX50
Acura Used RDX AWD
Students who have encountered difficulties in this step may generally be classmates who live in the city. After all, the optional inventory is too large and can be chosen too broadly. At this time, there are two methods: first, raise the standard, such as the year. The mileage, configuration requirements are higher to eliminate more models. Second, consult the International Student Che Youhui! Wait 24 hours online.
3 car inspection
Sitting in the driver’s seat and driving, the following 5 points are most easily overlooked:
1. Driving sense first look at the dynamic performance of the entire car, whether it is sound insulation, acceleration, vision, brake throttle and steering wheel feedback, but also includes four tires and whether the feeling of giving you when you pass different road conditions is in line with psychological expectations. . Test the car as much as possible in different speeds and road conditions to carefully feel all aspects of the vehicle, where there are abnormal sounds, whether the rear blind zone is too large, high-speed tire noise, etc. are all factors to consider.
2. Parking
It is also important to find a parking lot and try the parking experience in daily life. Whether it’s a parking lot or a street, you can feel the size of the car, the blind spot, the steering wheel and the number of turns, which are difficult to test during normal driving, and these are also related to everyday driving life. At the same time, remember to test whether the car’s reversing camera, radar or various high-tech parking assist functions are easy to use.
3. Appearance damage
In the United States, the daily use of cars, used cars and small scraps are inevitable, many basin friends are very uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, most of the time if these do not affect the evaluation of the car. However, some serious scars should be noticed. If there are obvious scars, you can still consider repairing them!
4. Transfer procedures
Make sure the transfer procedure is complete. Buy insurance and go on the road, remember not to be lucky, I believe you do not want to deal with the police uncle too early.
5. Loan procedures
After careful inspection of the above, ensure that the payment process is free of loopholes. If you are applying for a loan? Know the date and process of repayment.

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