The temperature has started to rise in the near future and summer is coming. Today, I will talk to you about the details of the summer car wash. Do you have to avoid the big mistakes:

1 cold water car wash
Summer temperatures are high, and many car owners think that cold water car wash can cool the car. In fact, in high-temperature environments, after high-speed driving, after the sun is exposed, the engine, chassis, and other systems are heating up. At this time, if the car is directly washed with cold water, the temperature difference is huge, which will cause damage to the internal structure of the vehicle and accelerate the aging of the paint. When the temperature is too hot, do not wash the car with cold water. It is best to let the car stand still for a while and cool down.

2 “One bucket of water” is good to wash the dust.
The riders who wash the car manually should wash it a little. Don’t take a bucket of water, soapy water can be played casually. Because the car is exposed for a long time, the summer wind is rainy and there are many corpses, and the body is dirty. If the dirt on the surface of the vehicle cannot be thoroughly washed, it is always easy to clean it. In the long run, the mark is very difficult to clean. The fine sand mixed in the water will also wear the paint, and there will be slight scratches in the sun.

3 hard rag cleaning
Sometimes, the hard-to-work stains on the body always make you feel bad. At this time, don’t worry about taking hard things with one heart. It is an absolute flower. It is recommended to infiltrate the stain for a long time. After a soft towel is wiped, it is better to fall off normally.

4 repeated cleaning
Seeing that the smudges are not clean, so rubbing the car like a glass, it will hurt the paint, it is best to wipe it in order.

5 alkaline detergent decontamination
Choose the right car wash, do not use strong alkaline. Because they have strong detergency and damage, they are often cleaned with them, and the surface of the car will soon be less eroded; it will also accelerate the aging of rubber parts (tires, window presses, etc.).

6 frequent car wash
In order to clean and wash the car frequently, it will accelerate the oxidation of the paint surface, resulting in dim tarnishing. It is recommended that the general situation be washed once a week. Generally, the floating sink can be gently wiped with a feather duster or a soft towel.

7 Ignore the chassis
The chassis of the car is very close to the ground. The high temperature in summer, coupled with the impact of rain, the chassis is very vulnerable, and all kinds of tiny things will seep into the body from the hole in the chassis. Do not ignore the chassis components during routine maintenance.

8 Just clean it up in the inner room.
Dirty interiors such as cushions, car roofs, etc., car owners should not worry about washing immediately with water or washing liquid. Because there will be a piece of stain after drying. Due to the different materials of the car interior and the different cleaning methods, it is necessary to use targeted ones.

9 Washing the car by rain
Rainwater is acidic, so the weather after the rain, so it is best to wash the car as soon as possible, the rain is light to erode the paint surface, but the damage to the car chassis, causing failure.

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