The oil meter light is flashing warning! How far can I run? Let us use the data to see how bright the oil meter is, how far it can be!

The oil meter light is on, how far can it be?

How far can I drive after the oil meter light is on? How is this data calculated? Some car owners use the fuel quantity as a subtraction method to estimate the remaining oil quantity: once a car friend tested it, driving his own car to turn on the oil meter light, and the battery life is zero. Refueling to the rifle, a total of 43L of oil is added, the official website marked the fuel tank volume 52L, I guess it is estimated: the remaining 9L oil when the light is on! In fact, this algorithm is wrong, because the oil in the fuel tank can not be used up to 100%, generally there will be 1~2L of fuel can not be pumped out.

So, the real data is like this. I drive my car, the oil lamp lights up, I go to refuel, add 40-42L or so, the data says that the total volume of the fuel tank is 52L, which is 10L gasoline, but at least there are 2L oil can’t be pumped out, it can’t be used, so it can be used for about 8L, and it can only run about 80-110 kilometers (50-70 mile). So everyone has a few in mind. In fact, this data is also a reference, but most of the cars on the market can basically last for more than 50 kilometers when the oil meter is bright.

The oil meter light is on, how to run the most fuel-efficient

In fact, the yellow light on the oil meter is only a warning, because the product designer considers that some people drive the car without looking at the oil meter, so they design such a light. In summary, the fuel tank light warning light is refueling. default. If it is driving in a short distance, the amount of remaining oil will definitely not affect the demand of the car. But what if you don’t meet the village before, but don’t know the long distance of the temple?

At this time, we must do everything we can to save fuel. The average speed of a typical vehicle is between 60KM/H-90KM/H (40-60 mile/h). The speed between 1300 and 1700 is the most fuel-efficient, so try to keep the vehicle in this state. Secondly, turn off all power-consuming devices that the vehicle can turn off, such as navigation, music, etc. Most importantly, in the summer, turn off the air conditioner, which can save a very large amount of fuel. Although I can’t listen to music, it’s a bit hot, but it’s better than a cart!

Gasoline is exhausted, how to solve the problem

Finally, there is an embarrassing situation, that is, driving on, the vehicle slowly slows down, slides, and finally quietly makes a beautiful man on the side of the road. In this case, you can only get off the bus and stop. You can ask if the passing vehicle has a spare fuel tank and pay for it, or find a pipe to pump a little oil from the other tank through the “siphon” effect. If the above two methods don’t work, you can only hope that the opposite does not dare to let him take you to the nearest gas station to buy some oil and then pull you back. If you are in a sparsely populated area, you can only call your friends to have your nearest friend come to the oil or call the relevant rescue call!

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