Must-Know Holiday take care car Tips for International Students

Summer vacation is coming soon. so how do summer students save their car holiday take care?
Car maintenance can not be ignored
Q: The maintenance of the parts of the vehicle is also a big problem. For example, if the battery is not used for more than a month, it is very easy to lose power. I heard that many overseas students have found that the car can’t start after returning to the US during the car rental  for summer vacation
A: The solution is very simple. Power off the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
The service life of a typical car battery is 2-3 years or even longer, but if it leaks 1-2 times (the car itself is equivalent to a huge resistance, even if it does not start, it will leak light slowly), the service life will be greatly shortened. Even directly damaged.

car holiday take care

How to power off please see the following instructions:
1. Open the front cover
2. Find the battery positive and negative
3. You need a wrench to loosen the nut on the battery and you can easily take it off.
Note: Do not touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery at the same time, although the voltage of 12V is not dead.
There is a particular emphasis on depositing cars.

1.away from the big tree
The weather in the United States is really unpredictable. It is just a clear sky, suddenly it is a squally shower, and there is a tornado from time to time. According to incomplete statistics, the average number of cars that have been smashed by the United States every year is 35,000. At the same time, the small fruits and resins that fall from the tree are extremely corrosive. It can be washed off without a car wash, and the surface finish is likely to be destroyed. So please don’t park under the tree for a long time.

2.Give it to a friend
If there are people entrusted, this is the safest way. And friends can also open your car properly, so that the battery can be kept intact, and there is no school to find that the car can not afford to fire.

The third car stock car is safe and worry-free
If your car is expensive or you can’t find a suitable person to help you see the car, there is also a way to consult the school or the community around the school for a short-term rental garage. Many schools or communities around the school provide such services. This method is very safe, and you can also store some of your own small items there. As for the price, it is definitely more expensive, but it is also safe and convenient. If you take this method, don’t forget to power off the battery of the car!

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