The US modified car market and atmosphere are almost the most mature markets in the world, and the modified car on the road is also everywhere. In the United States, which specific modifications need to be approved, which modifications do not need to be filed, and which are more convenient to modify the way, today Xiaobian will talk about the modified car.

Which modifications do not need to be filed?
Since each state has its own car regulations, it is only the standards of most states. It is necessary to comply with the laws and regulations of the state when it is modified. Most states have relaxed the conversion policy that does not involve the modification of the power system and the modification of the safety system, and the modification of the main identification of the vehicle.

Common modifications include the addition of a rear wing, front and rear surrounds, front shovel, and wheel hub modifications, as well as the addition of a wide body kit. These exterior appearance modifications do not require filing in most states.
Common interior modifications such as the installation of ambient lights, cup holders, interior color changes, replacement seats, etc. are mostly not required for filing.
Another part is that by changing the suspension system, raising or lowering the height of the car, and changing the inclination of the tire, most states do not need to file.

What modifications need to be filed?
When it comes to retrofitting that needs to be filed, it still needs to comply with the state’s regulatory standards. Mainly involved in the modification of the power system, the modification of the safety system and the modification of the main identification of the vehicle.

The modification of vehicle identification mainly involves the whole car foil or the whole car color change. This situation must be recorded. The modification of the security system is rarely involved, so it will not be interpreted in detail. Once it is involved, it must be filed.
On the other hand, it involves the modification of the safety system. There are mainly brake system replacements, including brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers, and brake master cylinders. Although the police generally do not check this aspect, the modification involving the safety system must be Choose a regular manufacturer and have a license in your state, and it is best to go to the vehicle inspection and obtain a permit, so that if there is a traffic accident in the next day, you can also provide legal permission to avoid trouble.

The last aspect is related to the modification of the power system, which is also one of the many people who like to modify. There are many people who brush the ECU, change the air intake system, or replace or even remove the middle section of the exhaust, the tail end, and the three-way catalytic converter are not used to filing, but once caught by the police, they will certainly be punished, if not for the US citizen The impact of the record is huge.
Therefore, the modification involved in this aspect should use the modified parts with the state government license documents as much as possible. It must also go to the local high-speed inspection or the vehicle management department to make noise and emission tests for the appointment. Only through the test, the license can be used normally. In addition, if you want to go through the noise and emissions test, you must use the car to check, do not drive the modified car to test.

What are the convenient ways to modify?
The first way is to try to modify the parts that do not need to be filed, such as the front and rear brackets, tails and so on.

However, if you want to modify the power system, exhaust system or suspension system, there is also a very convenient way to find a formal large-scale conversion enterprise with legal modification qualification. These enterprises are actually similar to the automobile factory and can pass legal. Qualifications will pass some modifications to the approved program. This way, the modified car can be legally on the road. There is also a disadvantage in this way, that is, it is more expensive!

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