How to Jump Start a Car

1.understand the principle:
The voltage of the car is 12V or above. If the battery is parked for a long time and learn the how to jump start a car, the voltage will be lower than 12V, so to drive the car, the battery must be connected in parallel to meet the ignition voltage.

Parallel operation method is: positive and positive connection, negative and negative connection

After connecting, confirm whether the connection is stable (check if the light inside the key car is lit).

Secondly, there are several ways to jump start a car up the fire.
1. Use cable jump (one red and one black wire)

How to Jump Start a Car

2. Use jump box (portable box)

1. The positive and negative poles should be separated. If the car’s positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the battery may be scrapped directly or it may burn the circuit of the two cars, so be sure to distinguish them clearly. Red is red, black is black.

2. First red and black. First, connect the positive electrode of the non-electric battery with the positive electrode of the electric battery, and then connect the negative electrode of the non-electric battery with the negative electrode of the electric battery. (This can avoid the short circuit or the tragedy of the wrong connection)

3. If you want to use the cable to fire, please keep the rescue vehicle in the state of the car, otherwise it will easily cause the two cars to lose power at the same time!

The location of the battery of various models:

Most BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati batteries are hidden under the trunk, but the engine compartment also has an ignition interface. The problem to be noted is that the red positive pole is easy to find. Some friends who don’t know where the negative is, have learned physical friends. It is known that the negative pole is equivalent to the ground, and there is a protruding bare metal in the engine compartment, which is the negative pole, or it can be directly connected to the car casing, for example:

The picture above shows the position of the ignition negative position of the Mercedes-Benz C system.

The picture above shows Audi. Where are you looking for the positive pole?

Volkswagen’s battery is usually in the engine compartment, wrapped in an asbestos cloth:

The picture above shows the public


The battery of a Japanese car is generally exposed in the engine compartment and is easily identifiable:

Pictured above is Honda CIVIC

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