Today I will provide you with a simple North American used car purchase strategy. Buying a used car probably has the following steps:

What is the budget?
Requirements for solidity and maintenance costs?
Comfort / practicality (large trunk etc) / sporty?
Displacement and fuel consumption requirements?
Year and Mileage requirements?

There are four ways to own a car: find a dealer to buy a used car, find an owner to buy a used car, and directly trade used cars online. Looking for a car is actually the most difficult and crucial step.

Compare these three channels for everyone.
1. Find a dealer to buy a used car
Advantages: franchise distribution rights, vehicle quality is guaranteed, generally have 30 days of quality assurance.
Disadvantages: The price is higher, the dealer will charge 30%-50% of the profits, 30% is their bottom line, it is basically impossible to bargain!
2. Find an owner to buy a used car
Advantages: no middlemen, the price is relatively cheap
Disadvantages: Information may be hidden, quality is not guaranteed, it is difficult to verify and monitor the year, mileage and whether an accident has occurred. In some foreign second-hand trading websites and newspapers, the private car advertisements of WeChat friends circle and public platform are really worrying, and even dealers pretend to be individual sellers.
Each car has a VIN Number. It can be found that this car has been handed over by several owners. In those car accidents, the VIN Number may not match the actual vehicle! When checking VIN, it is better to pay attention to three points:
1. Title must be Clear Title, if it is Rebuilt, don’t buy
2. Have you ever had an accident in the car, you must choose a car that has not had an accident, even if it is a small accident, there is a risk!
3. The number of owners and the time of use, if you change the owner multiple times and the time of each owner is not long, be careful.
3. Online direct trading
In addition to the used car trades with dealer and owner, the seniors of North American students have also built a new and efficient platform for used cars, the used car club (
The International Student Che Youhui Association was established in 2011, covering more than 50 cities and more than 80 campuses across the United States. Their Chinese and English bilingual pages clearly showcase vehicle information, provide used car purchase guides, 24-hour full-service and 90-day full service. Special services such as car warranty.

The risk is extremely low: the professional testing team can take the car with only 10% deposit, and the vehicle will be refunded if there is a problem.
Price concessions: There are not as many employees and programs as 4S, and online booking is cost-effective!
Suitable for rookie: do not understand the car, too troublesome, will not bargain? The old drivers of the Che Youhui will do the preparation for you! Guarantee quality and safety, the lowest price, arrange to deliver the car home, guarantee the difference within 7 days within 250 miles, teach you to transfer the card, and always be online customer service.
After-sales protection: The Che Youhui’s after-sales service covers more than 90% of the car parts, and the joint warranty with the major ASE certified repair shops in the United States, you can enjoy a 90-day 3000miles free warranty no matter where you are. There is also free consultation and legal assistance!
Let everyone realize the easy 4 step to buy a car:
1. Online car selection, comprehensive comparison of favorite vehicles through clear and complete vehicle information
2. Call the sales representative
3. The down payment is made, and the professional master arranges the trailer to be delivered to the door.
4. A good car is delivered to the home. After the inspection, the sales representative guides the contract, transfer and insurance issues.

In terms of price, Kelley blue book provides a good reference. Just enter the car year, brand, model, mile number, and the zip code of the car, kbb will give you different prices for cars with different conditions.
Kbb will provide private party, Suggested Retail Price (older Dealer), Certified Pre-Owned (through the original factory certification standard) price.