In the United States, there are always many choices for buying a car, whether it is a wild pickup or a large-displacement sports car or a new energy car, and the used car market in the United States is very developed and perfect, shoddy cars. It is still very few, so it is a very good choice for foreign students in the United States to buy used cars. Recommend 5 models with the most cost-effective second-hand models to see if you have any favorite models.

The selected used cars are all models around 2013, because according to the rules of used cars, the four-year-old car will have the best intersection point in terms of vehicle condition, mileage, price and reliability. The used cars of the four-year-old are the best choices in terms of car condition, reliability and price!

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⭐Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MSRP $2.8W

2013 model price is 18,000 US dollars

The reason for recommending him is very simple. In the United States, the pickup culture is the same as the Chinese SUV culture. If you don’t have a decent pickup, you still don’t realize the true American culture. Looking at the used car market, both the Ford F-150 series, the Dodge RAM and the many Japanese pickups are still very high, and the price of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is quite high after four years. Cost-effective.

The new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 model has a starting price of more than $28,000, and the price of used cars for 13 years or so has been as low as $18,000, compared to the Ford F-150 series. The price is about $2,000, and the Silverado 1500 doesn’t go down in any way, regardless of the vehicle’s own style, configuration, and the rate of protection for the next six years or so. So it’s still very cost-effective. If you want to buy a pickup, then the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 around 2013 is a great choice.

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⭐⭐Honda CRV MSRP $2.5W

2013 model price is 17,000 US dollars

This SUV is a model that everyone is very familiar with. It is the CRV model that has been listed in the SUV series sales list all year round. Needless to say, the CRV model’s own performance, no matter the fuel consumption, space is at the same level of excellent level, and the handling is very good. So what is the price of this car with a new car price of $25,000 four years later? The answer is about $17,000.

Many people may have doubts about this price. This price is not cost-effective. Many cars with the same price as the CRV will drop to around $15,000 in four years, and why do you recommend the price is 1.7? What about a CRV of around US$10,000? The reason is that although the price of CRV has not decreased much after four years, after continuing to observe, it is found that in the next four years, the CRV rate is very stable, which means that you spend $17,000 to buy a 13-year period. The CRV models on the left and right, when you sell again two years later, you find that the price of the car will drop very little, so compared to other models, although the car purchase seems to increase, but after calculation The cost is really very low.

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⭐⭐⭐Honda Civic MSRP $1.9W

2013 model price is 10,000 US dollars

The recommended reason for Honda’s Civic models is comparable to CRV, because it is a very low cost of car brought by the horrible rate of protection. When you buy a car that is about four years old, you can resell for a few years. The final price. It must surprise you. In addition to the excellent rate of preservation, there is one more reason to recommend the Civic, that is, its excellent performance and the richness of the model.

Whether it is the previous generation Civic or the new generation Civic, the overall performance of the vehicle is at the level of the best among the same level. Whether it is space or Honda’s handling, or a very beautiful appearance is a popular choice for riders. In addition, Civic’s derivative models are very many. If you can choose a normal version of the Civic model for home use, if you want to be cool, then the two-door COUPE model is a very good choice, and if you want a steel gun, then The TPYE R model is none other than you.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐Chevrolet Malibu MSRP $2.3W

2013 model price is 12,000 US dollars

The second place on the list is the Chevrolet’s Mai Rui Bao car. The recommended reason for this car is the price of used cars and the turnover rate of the used car market. The new car is priced at 23,000 US dollars, and the price of Mai Rui Bao in 13 years or so is about 12,000 US dollars. It is a very unprepared model in the same class, but it is this value that is not worth buying. It is a very good thing to say, because only a very low price can buy a B-class car.

Mai Ruibao’s used car market has a very high turnover rate of 21%, while other models of the same class can surpass 17%, which is a very good level. For the purchase of second-hand Mai Rui Bao, it means that as long as the Mai Rui Bao model is purchased, unless the vehicle has a serious accident or malfunction, the vehicle will be very good in other situations.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Hyundai Sonata MSRP $2.3W

2013 model price is 10,000 US dollars

The first place on the list is the Sonata model of Hyundai Group. The evaluation of this car is two words, that is affordable! Imagine that it would be worthwhile to buy a B-class car with a good enough condition for just four years or so at a price of only $10,000. The model that can be bought at the same price of about $10,000 is A. Cars and small SUVs, so if you don’t have enough money, but still want to buy a B-class car, then Sonata is really a good choice. If you are lucky enough, maybe $9,000 may be able to get a Sonata for about 13 years. If you are excited, then take action!

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