I like to buy used cars. The main reason is to focus on the price/performance ratio. Because the price of used cars is relatively cheap, it is also very advantageous in terms of value preservation. You can get a cross-level experience on the same budget, but in the face of many models, which models of used cars can’t buy? Today, through the word of mouth and statistics on the market to introduce the nine used cars that you can not buy!
1. Mitsubishi LANCER

Reason for not recommending:
The interior is rough and unrecognized in 10 years. Do you think you are Maserati?

2. Chevrolet AVEO

Not recommended reason
Let’s talk about spontaneous combustion. This has happened a lot on the Chevrolet Sail model, and there are a lot of complaints about this kind of situation. This one is not recommended. There is another problem with no ABS or full drum brakes!


Not recommended reason
Always bad, always bad, always bad. The biggest difference between MINI and other cars is that people are fixed at a fixed point. You are randomly bad. Today, the airbag is not good. There is a problem with the gearbox tomorrow, and the engine is leaking. . . Hey. Xiaobian has seen a new car in the 09-11 year of the mini problem.

4. Old Volkswagen PASSAT

Not recommended reason
The transmission is common and the oil is burnt. When people burn gasoline, you will burn the oil. If you burn a little, you will burn out the gearbox.

5.10-11 Mercedes-Benz C300
Not recommended reason
The transmission is common and can’t be checked? I wanted to buy a C230 in 2006. As my first Mercedes-Benz, I was very happy. I didn’t expect to fire the engine when I only opened the 5000miles engine. Then I checked that the cam shaft was folded and more than 5,000 repairs were quoted. Later, I bought a Mercedes-Benz C300 of 10, and the engine tooth loss problem reappeared. The key is that unlike other brands, the Mercedes-Benz problem always appears in the very awkward 6-7 million steps, so that it can not be repaired with the original factory, Mercedes-Benz itself. Not recalling, compared with AUDI’s 90,000-mile recall, it is really a little sincerity!
But after 11 years, the C300 is surprisingly good, beautiful in shape, and cost-effective~

6.08-10 Maserati GT
Not recommended reason
The interior paint is too serious, and the mileage is very small. Italian car, Martha’s voice, I have nothing to say, handmade is your personality, but the interior paint can not bear it, Martha’s interior paint can fall to you can not see a button, air conditioning hot and cold It is unclear, and the used classmates may know that the interior will become very sticky after the paint is removed, and the sticky rubs will not be cleaned. Secondly, the maintenance cycle of Martha’s car is generally unclear. The result is that the old Martha is generally not well maintained, plus people are originally made by hand, and small problems are small. It came out, and the repair fee was really not cheap.

7. Ford Focus
Not recommended reason
Many vehicles leaked oil, poor transmission performance, and body resonance.
The Fox models, especially the first two generations of Fox, have won the hearts of many young people with their beautiful shapes. The same sales are also popular in the used car market. But the first two generations of Fox itself have a lot of problems, and the total number of complaints and the diversity of complaints are also among the best. The main problem is that the whole vehicle, including the steering gear, the transmission, and the engine, has oil leakage, and the transmission’s frustration and jitter are very serious, and there is also a phenomenon that the vehicle resonates when the vehicle accelerates. In short, Fox really didn’t look so good.

8. Buick Lacrosse
Not recommended reason
Apart from the aesthetics of modern people, and not taking the usual route, the suspension problem is a serious injury. It looks like the uncle’s rut. I really don’t understand why Buick in China is so beautiful. Buick here is simple. In addition, the suspension itself has frequent problems.

9. Chevrolet CAPTIVA
Not recommended reason
The fighter in the garbage, the SUV version of the AVEO, the shape of the cheap, the interior of the cheap, the whole body reveals the feeling of a cheap car, the key is that this car is not cheap, the central control switch can be broken, even the seat adjustment can be broken, in short This car feels like it is made of plastic, and it is not worth losing to Samsung’s model on emund.

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