Top 10 ★ Car Charger
The tenth is the car charger, because when you have a red cell phone, you will know the importance of having a car charger. For the choice of car charger, it is recommended to choose the charging current and the charger with relatively large voltage, and must choose more conversion heads. After all, the charging heads of Apple and Android are not universal drops!

TOP 9 ★Insulation tape
Insulating tape is a very small object that is very suitable for placing a roll in the tool box of the trunk. The role of insulating tape is huge, not only can you stick some things with you, but also solve some problems of wire or circuit joints and fixing. In addition, insulating tape has a very important role, which is to solve the abnormal sound. It is inevitable that various forms of vibration or abnormal sound will occur in the car for a long time, and the insulating tape has a certain thickness, so it can be insulated and damped by sticking it between the two friction parts. To sum up, this kind of item that doesn’t take up space, is very cheap, and has a huge effect still needs to be in the car.

TOP 8 ★★ Tow rope
The tow rope is the most direct rescue tool, and should be provided in the trunk anyway. This can not only save yourself, but also help others when others need it. For the selection of the tow rope of the family car, it is generally recommended that the bearing capacity of about 8 tons can ensure that most of the family cars on the market can be used. In addition, the choice of the tow rope must also choose the cord, so that it is more organized and saves space. The most important thing is that accidents that break the rope once the trailer is not easy to hurt people. It is also important to note that after the tow rope is installed at the time of the trailer, the personnel must immediately leave the range of the tow rope and then carry out the trailer to avoid danger.

TOP 7 ★ ★ take the wire
Due to the improvement of vehicle reliability, the phenomenon of mechanical breakdown and the breakdown of the car has been largely eliminated, and the biggest reason for the current anchoring of the vehicle is the loss or damage of the car battery. At this time, in addition to waiting for rescue, the most effective way is to use a wire to solve. Therefore, it is very important for the owner to have the wires in the car. When laying the iron, remember to take the red positive pole and the black negative pole. Then you must connect the positive pole of the two cars to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. The most important thing is to connect the positive pole to the negative pole first. In addition, Xiao Bian suggested to buy a wire must choose a regular manufacturer and a relatively thick wire, which is more secure.

TOP 6 ★★★ Tire pressure gauge
Nowadays, as long as the slightly higher models are equipped with tire pressure monitoring devices, there are some models that are useless. Therefore, for those models that are not equipped with a tire pressure monitoring device, it is necessary to carry a tire pressure gauge with the vehicle. Whether it is usual or long-distance travel or on the road, check the tire pressure frequently to prevent the tire pressure from being too high or too low, it is very effective to prevent puncture. For the choice of pointer type instrument or electronic type, it is completely personal preference. There is also a portable tire inflator on the market, which also incorporates a tire pressure gauge. This device is also highly recommended and can be regarded as a one-step product.

TOP 5 ★★★Car flashlight
Many people may ask if you don’t have a flashlight on your mobile phone? Why do you still need a flashlight? Because the car flashlight is much more powerful than the flashlight that comes with the phone. Not only is there more powerful lighting, but also the function of self-defense, escape, and the sound of help, signal, and some flashlights have waterproof function. Once the vehicle is wading, it is really necessary to have a waterproof car flashlight. In summary, the car flashlight is really a versatile product, and must also choose the products of the big manufacturers when choosing, so as not to give force at the crucial moment. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the need to put the flashlight in the place where it is easy to get, to avoid panic when the crisis is not found.

TOP 4 ★★★★ spare tire
Many car owners choose to remove the spare tire in order to reduce the total mass of the car or enhance the storage space inside the car. Xiao Bian is not recommended to do so. Because once the vehicle tires have problems, the vehicle can not continue to move forward. If such a problem occurs in the city, if it is called rescue, then it takes a long time and blocks traffic. If you are in a high-speed or other outdoor environment, then it is very troublesome. In addition, the owners must check the spare tire regularly, not only to check whether the tire pressure is normal, but also to check whether the spare tire is damaged, and even if the spare tire has not been used, it should be replaced every 5 years. Because everything is just for the moment when it can be used.

TOP 3 ★★★★Bumper jack
The spare tire is very important for the car. In addition, the jack is also as important as the spare tire, because the jack is a tool used in exchange for the spare tire. If there is a perfect spare tire in the event of an accident but there is no jack, then it is very Oh.

TOP 2 ★★★★★Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are an important item. Although spontaneous combustion of vehicles is a small probability event, once it happens, the consequences must be very serious. In addition to the car damage, there are even serious incidents of death. Adding a small fire extinguisher to the car really doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t add too much fuel. This kind of thing is to prevent the equipment from happening. In an emergency, it can not only save the car, but even save lives. In addition, once there are other traffic participants on the road who need assistance, then you must not regret your fire extinguishers, and must participate in the rescue to the greatest extent possible.

TOP 1 ★★★★★Triangle warning sign
The most important one of the top ten essential items is announced below, that is, the triangle warning sign that no one thought of. Although the warning sign is small, the use is really very big. Once the vehicle is faulty or accidental, whether it is handling it yourself or waiting for rescue, it is necessary to prevent the triangle warning sign at the rear of the vehicle, reminding the rear vehicle to avoid it in time to prevent the second occurrence. ACCIDENT. The triangular warning sign has a reflective function, and the red color is very eye-catching, and the warning effect is much stronger than that of the bucket with the car. In addition, the triangle warning sign must be placed about 50-100 meters behind the car. If it is placed far away at night or on the highway, it can be safe and the rear car can be avoided in time.

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