What needs to pay attention to purchase a used Car?
Car is deliberated as the elementary need for the human beings in the society with the high revenue and society as in New York in United States of America. Contrarily, car might be a luxury good for some people living in society. Few of people living in society enjoy pleasure of having a car. It can be said that in all of the cases the significance of having a car in developed countries could not be ignored. The power of buying a car is still remains a main issue for the general public living in a society. It can be said that the purchasing power of buyers of car may vary from person to person as few of people might be able to pay for an expensive sports car, however, some of them are not able to buy the expensive sports car.
It should be noted that every year there are large number of manufacturers manufacturing the cars of different models contains different features, attributes and so on each year. In order to fulfill the needs of the customers’ different models of cars launched in the market every year. But the new models are highly expensive and can be afforded by less number of buyers living in the society. However, remaining number of people are look to acquire certified used car in order to satisfy their needs and wants. In this literature the consumer buying processed is narrowly analyzed in purchasing of used cars. The steps involved in the consumer buying decision includes: Recognition of needs, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision, and Post Purchase Decision.
The new motor car could not sustain its actual cost price for long period resultant in a huge loss at the time of its resale. The utilized and old fashioned vehicles could sustain their cost because of low rate of depreciation applicable on cars as the vehicles have by now conceded through high rates of depreciation. Depreciation is defined as spreading the cost of assets over its useful life. There are six methods used to calculate the depreciation such as Straight Line Method, Unit Production Method, Working Hours Method, Declining Method, Double Declining Method and Sum of the year digits method.  The method that is used to calculate the depreciation of car is Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. However, it can also be said that expired cost of assets is also called Depreciation. The depreciation is used to match the cost of assets to the income generated from utilization of the assets .The demand of used motor cars has raised because of the availability of car financing facilities on easy terms and conditions in New York. The demand is defined as the willingness and ability of the buyers to buy a product .Car financing is also referred to as auto financing, car finance, the auto finance refers to the assortment of financial goods obtainable that facilitate the individual to purchase a car with any agreement other than a full cash outright payment .A used car is a vehicle that in earlier times had one or more than one persons who sells the vehicle. It can be said that a car could be sold by owner of the car, retailers and as well as car dealers.
Procedure involved in buying a used car
The buyer of the car faces the typical buying procedure at the time of purchase, resale or replace a car. At first the buyer of the car needs to take decision regarding to what type of car he or she desires to purchase. The decision will be based on the characteristics and features of the car. The next step that the purchaser of the car needs to take is to form decisions relates to disposal of old car. Conclusively the purchaser needs to take decision that either he will have the buying power to buy the car or he requires obtaining car running finance loan from a financial institution. There are five difficult steps involved in taking decision regarding the buying of a car: in given below the five steps which is recognition of needs, information search, evaluation of alternatives, product choice and buy the product are explaining:
1. Recognition of Need
In need recognition, the primary concern that the buyer needs to address with himself is that what he actually wants? The feedback of this concern might be different from person to person. Some people need to buy a car, however, some people wants to buy a unique and innovative model of a certain brand of a car. The thing might be to extend to take decisions regarding the acquisition of a second hand car. The second thing that the buyer needs to analyze that for what purpose he or she is going to buying a car. The purpose of the purchase may facilitate you for your future decisions. Some people buy car in order to travel in care from home to office and office to home. However, some people want to buy the car for travelling in car in different locations within a country. However, some young people buy luxury cars for car show. Similarly some people buy the car for display the car in car shows. It can be said that different people buy different models and categories of cars in order to fulfill different needs and wants of the customers of the firm across the globe.
The most significant step of is to compute and forecast the affordability to purchase a car. The manufacturers and dealers of cars sells different models of cars in the market contain different prices. The affordability of the buyer may alter all the decisions already taken in problem recognition step of the decision making so can be considered vital step in purchasing of the car. The purchase price of the cars might also be incorporated in the decision making procedure at the phase of affordability as it might assists the purchaser to contrast the accessible and want financial resources in order to buy a car. Prior to purchasing a car, the purchaser of the car requires recognizing, that what he actually desires. What are his needs?  By expressing this on time assists the buyer to buy the car he wishes to purchase. And not the fast floorwalker wishes the buyer to buy.
2. Information Search
The searching and collection of information from different resources is the next phase in buying decision-making process. Searching for information from the internet might be a very much helpful instrument in information search regarding the buying of a car. However, there might be some other sources of information also available for the buyer such as market visit, visit the dealers and franchisers in order to outline the availability of different models and features along with the information of their prices. In order to take help in making purchase decisions, the buyer consults with their relatives and friends who are using that specific car. A friend is utilizing Mercedes might be useful in searching for information relating to the product as he has utilized the product.
Several car dealers are operating their business in New York which might also offer the data about the diversified brands in the marketplace. Identify everything about the diversified attributes of cars available in the market, models, prices, documentation, warranties, are being offered for sale in marketplace prior to take decisions of the used car. The development of the internet has motorized the accessibility of information on the prices of used motor cars. This information was merely accessible from the newspapers, business magazines that the sellers had right of entry to in the previous era.
A lot of basis of used motor vehicles value means that the booked prices from the varied foundation and generate diversified decisions pertaining the data. When the buyer has narrowed down his or her conclusion, the agreeable fragment of buying a car shall commence. There are a lot of ways available to purchase, counting Internet hunts, which can come back hundreds of outcomes that precisely tie the kind of car somebody is looking for. The collection of information is the main step in taking decisions related to buy the used car.
3. Evaluation of Alternatives
The buyer will evaluate the different brands at this phase on the foundations of alternative goods attributes. Those which have the capability to offer the advantages to clients are looking for. The evaluation of alternatives in the car industry is entirely based on a collection of data in the subsequent step of a collection of information. The information gathered shall assist the purchaser of the car to contrast the cars on the foundations of prices, designs, models manufactured by different firms. Firms utilized diversified modern techniques to manufacture the cars in the industry in order to control the price for their own needs that is the maximization of profit. It is not so much easy to take decisions within the short-term period of time-related to the purchase of a car. The reason is that the price of the car is so much high as compared to other goods such as shirt, therefore, the buyer of the car can’t take quick decisions while purchasing a car. That is why it is important for a person to take an individual range process depending upon the information collected in the information collection procedure.
The position of buying a car is that it could supply to his particular requirements and needs maintaining the purchasing power in mind. A person on the market for the acquisition of the car must commence the procedure by nourishing his eyeballs. He must see all over the places in the environment and recognize which good is rigorously utilized by different people. The buyer of the car evaluates the product on the basis of availability, facility, and characteristics of the car and prepares his best five preferences for thinning down the choices. The comparisons and analysis must be logical to get the preferred outcomes efficiently and effectively.
4. Product Choice
The assessment of substitute products that are based on requirement, accessibility, and the aim of buying a product in light of the data collected make the selection of the brand convenient for the buyer of the products. The purchaser needs to organize the finance properly and make the judgment that either he has enough financial resources to buy the product or not. The purchaser should have a friend beside for the test drive that might be a self-governing buyer or might be a mechanic to assists him or her during the procedure of product assessment.
The mechanic may be obliged to review the things at the time of drive test and might advise the buyer something the mechanic observed at the time of drive test. Remember, that the easiness of friend is a matter of attention at the time of acquiring the car. However, in several cases, the calmness and easiness for travelers might also work as an elementary requirement for the acquisition of a car or replace it. The mechanic shall be supportive to make the judgments of the dormant concerns and problems for the protection of car in the outlook and shall help the purchaser to contrast the maintenance restrictions of car and car financing amenities in coming future.
It must be kept in mind that the mid-priced car shall be more purposeful in a contrast to the new model and design of the car with the high cost.
5. Buy the product
This should be the addition of the step depend upon the requirement and need of the procedure of buying a car. It is the final footstep, in buying a requirement of used car in New York. After making a decision, the need and requirement, the client have gathered the data about the good of purchase. The evaluation procedure assisted him to examine the dissimilar accessibility choices in the market and make decisions regarding the acquisition of used car. The purchaser at this point is now accessible and to acquire the worn car that is examined and chosen in the preceding step. The step is to visit to showroom for shopping. It is recommended to the client to go the outlet of the firm instead of acquiring from the private car sellers. After all, the buyer shall be strumming down huge investment on a car that would last for a long tenure in service to the purchaser of the car.
The object of significance is that do not let the channel sales sounds get to you and your decisions. They merely desire to move the supply of car with no advantage to the client. They attempt for a more trade of cars to obtain more income as they are operating on the commissions on sale. The buyer of the car must merely alert on his own advantages and requirements as captivating any sensitive combination with the tremendous welcoming sale individuals must not be influenced by this unique option.
Final Considerations
Buying a used car is chancier than buying of an unused and the vehicle as the buyer shall be the primary and main proprietor of the car and the client shall be conscious of all the lawful and uniqueness problems connected to the car and shall be accountable of activities conducted utilizing the car. The client could by no means get 100% correct data of the utilized car and the source of first purchase and the manner it was treated and held in the past times. The new client might also be not able to notice the problems in the body parts of the locomotive and the car itself. He might also be puzzled about the uniqueness of the parts used in the car. There could be a chance of replacement of the genuine parts with the inferior quality parts that might be a case of issue at the time of acquiring the car as there might not be an assurance for the second-hand car that is also a confusing and so much irritating element, at the time of buying a second-hand car. Considerable issues might also occur after the acquisition of car provided that if the client is not known or not able to identify problems pertained to the second-hand car acquired.  There are some considerations that the buyer must need to keep in mind at the time of acquisition of car:
• The buyer should verify the affordability perimeter prior to take decisions to purchase a second-hand car.
• Remind and reassess the availability of sources of finance, the client could offer for the acquisition of a second-hand car that might be in cash.
• Think about the utmost partial payment affordability which the buyer could have enough money without worrying about the lifestyle of the buyer. The standard and routine tasks as might be in the case of serious monthly partial payments in rent or by a car running finance.
• Keep the focal point on the collection of meaningful information and data that is accessible in the market by visiting outlet and merchants. In purchasing the used car the opinion of the user available over the net might also be helpful in making the purchase decisions.   Think about the dissimilarity between the costs of new car and used cars as it will assist the consumer to recognize the financial advantage for buying the second-hand car and ignoring the new car. The contrasts are also accessible at the internet which is also a suggested path to pursue.
• Visit the other electronic sources which can be accessed over the internet such as www.edmunds.com, keep the track record of the cost of second hand and new branded cars. Few of the evaluations reflect that the clients who logically examine and look into the cost of cars to pay for at the distinctive of five percent lesser as contrasted to the clients who do not conduct an investigation.
• The test driving is the essential and very important thing that must be executed on different paths in dissimilar situations to make sure the effectiveness of the second-hand car.
• Acquire a mechanic for the purpose to test the second-hand car in a comprehensive way and let him make a decision about the condition of engine and parts of the vehicle.
• There must be an accident record check as it will show and help you understand the actual condition of the car. Buyer can Criss cross an associated capability which is offered by a number of websites as for example, Carfax. Com. It will assist you out to find out calamity and compensation histories, counting whether a wagon was perceived recovered, classified as a “lemon,” or odometer is not in working order.
• Interlace the tag sensibly for the differences, removals and form them that looks to have been overwritten.
• Show your apprehension for the tags that claims “Not the actual mileage” as might be a situation to influence you and your awareness.
• Compute the actual and accurate figure incorporating the partial payments as well the buyer will have paid in order to acquire a car.
• The purchaser of the car also receives the trade in worth by calling quite a few merchants and sellers available in the marketplace.
• Verify and match the serial number of the car on agreement and car.
• The buyer of the car might also take the assistance from Better the Business Bureau in order to make sure the goodwill of the merchant.
• Several clients across the globe has the misconception that they are allowed to a compensation of their payment provided that if they decide not to acquire the car. It must be apparent for the purchaser that there is no cancelation right of the agreement, except the dealer remains unsuccessful to visibly place the reimbursement procedure.

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