Going abroad is a sparsely populated country, and transportation is a big problem besides language. There is no convenient bus and subway, and it is extremely inconvenient to go to work and go to school. So buying a car is also a necessity for life. When the time spent abroad is not long and the budget is limited, the second-hand car with good quality and low price has become the best choice for many people. In fact, the risk of buying a used car is far greater than buying a new car. Many cars that have been in serious car accidents or are on the verge of retirement will be sold to the dealers at a low price, and in the case of unscrupulous car repairs, the car will present A new look and sold at a low price. Many car buyers who don’t understand the car often fall into the trap of the car dealer. They thought it was a big bargain to buy a favorite car, but if they didn’t open for a long time, they would find that the car’s problems are endless, repaired here, and the parts there. It is broken again. At that time, I was surprised that the cost of repairing a car was much more expensive than buying a car. The total cost added up was more than enough to buy a new car. At this time, I can only cry for the expensive bills. But does this mean that buying a reliable second-hand car is hard to get into the sky? Actually not. As long as you find the right purchase channel, the reliable second-hand car you buy is no longer a luxury. Xiaobian a few days of painstaking efforts to sort out the second-hand car purchase collection, I hope to help you buy a car, and I wish you all can buy your favorite car!
If you want to choose a reliable second-hand car, you must take the reliable car purchase channel. Don’t buy a car from a car dealer with no credit guarantee because of the low price. Remember that it is a big loss to be greedy and cheap. The following are the websites that have a reputation and reputation abroad. The small series is compiled for everyone, so that everyone can compare and choose.
Car Dealership
This is the most famous car trading market in the United States, with a web version. Car Dealership was founded in 1898 and has been in existence for more than a hundred years. In addition to the quality of the car is guaranteed, it also provides professional after-sales service to provide customers with meticulous service. And can provide the source of the car and the proof of guarantee, do not worry about buying a refurbished old car that is about to be scrapped. Of course, quality and service also determine their price. When buying a car, the trading market will also raise an intermediary fee. If you don’t know anything about the car and worry about the quality and quality of your car, it’s better to choose Car Dealership directly. It is also a lot of money to buy a peace of mind and guarantee, which can save a lot of trouble.
The website is equivalent to China’s 58 city website and is a large free advertising information publishing website. There are a variety of used car plates, which are available for comparison and selection. At the same time, the website can also provide the VIN number of the car, which is the detailed source of the car. For example, the car has experienced several owners and has had several accidents. This is extremely important information for the selection of used cars, and it can greatly eliminate the doubts of car owners. However, this website only provides advertising information. The price of the car and the quality of the car need to be negotiated with the owner. It is suitable for car owners who have a little experience in car purchase.
This website provides detailed car quotes and models, and can also screen out nearby credit cars for you. This is an information query class website. Before you buy a car, you can find the detailed price and model on this website. When you trade with the dealership, you can also know whether the price of the car is reasonable, and what is the space for bargaining down. When it is not clear what car to buy, the website can also provide price and function comparisons for different models, which is very practical for car buyers.
In addition to the website and the trading market, you can also go to the website section where the Chinese gather. If you are a student, you can also read the Chinese campus network. Every year during the graduation season, there are many Chinese students who want to return to China to sell used cars. Because they are eager to return to the country, the price is relatively low. At this time, they can negotiate directly with the owner of the car, and it is very likely that they will find a car that is cheap and inexpensive.
Want to buy a reliable second-hand car, in addition to the car channel, you also need to master a little car knowledge, pretend to be very knowledgeable “like”, the car dealer will also converge when asking price, do not have to worry about buying shoddy Good car. The following small series will introduce how to judge the old and new car from the body when buying a used car, and prevent everyone from buying a refurbished car.
1) Query CarFax
To buy a used car, you must ask the car dealer or the owner to provide the car’s CarFax or VIN, that is, the car’s record. These records can intuitively reflect the old and new car. When reviewing CarFax, you need to pay attention to the following information. The first is the detail history, which is the history of the car. Here is a detailed list of the source of the car, whether it has been an accident, experienced several owners. This can be seen the car owners’ care and maintenance. Secondly, you need to observe the mileage, that is, the mileage of the car. In the dealership, the odometer of the car is very easy to passive. If it is a mechanical odometer, the seller can adjust the mileage by simply dialing the gear of the odometer counter; if the electronic odometer is used, the difficulty in the callback will be relatively large, but for the current market, there is also a Metering tool for electronic odometers. Therefore, it is difficult to see the actual situation of the car simply by observing the odometer. The mileage provided by CarFax is the most realistic, which is also an important reference indicator for buying a car.
2) Engine
The engine is the most important part of the car. When choosing a car, you must pay attention to whether the car’s engine is aging and whether it can work normally. First, you need to check the engine cover, pay attention to observe the degree of bridging of the engine cover, and whether the gap between the windshield and the windshield is consistent. Secondly, you need to check the internal condition of the engine to see the oil and dust in the engine compartment. This does not mean that the spotless standard is the engine’s standard. After all, the used car has a record of use, there must be traces of use in the engine. If the engine compartment is too clean, it needs more vigilance. This is likely to be a deliberate cleaning of the behavior of the car. Finally, you should also pay attention to whether the edge rubber of the engine cover is smooth and smooth, and it is soft when touched. Mild rear-end collision is a situation that many car owners have experienced while driving. When there is a rear-end collision, the engine cover will also cause certain damage. If the rubber cover of the engine cover is not flat, it is likely that the engine cover has been repaired after the rear-end collision.
3) Battery
In addition to the engine, the role of the battery in the car is also extremely important. When the car is started, the battery supplies power to the engine, thereby rotating the flywheel and the crankshaft, thereby starting the car. When the internal power of the engine is insufficient, the battery will also supply power for the car’s internal electrical appliances, audio, lighting systems, and so on. If the battery is damaged or aged, it is very likely that the lighting system will not work properly during the driving, or even if the car suddenly turns off, these have great safety hazards. The battery life is usually 2 to 3 years. Therefore, when buying a used car, you need to carefully check the battery usage. It is necessary to carefully check the outside of the battery to see if there is crack or leakage in the battery casing. If the battery case is damaged, it will cause the electrolyte to overflow, which will make the liquid level too low, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. Secondly, check the joints for looseness and the wiring is secure. If the battery circuit connector is loose, the output impedance of the circuit will increase and the output power will be reduced. For the sake of safety after car purchase, it is best to change a new battery to ensure the safety and quality of the car.
4) Belt
The belt of the car plays an important role in the driving of the engine. The normal belt drives the engine to ensure the normal operation of the four processes of engine intake, compression, work and exhaust. If the belt is damaged, misplaced or broken, it will not only damage the normal function of the engine, but also cause dangerous situations such as car stalls, resulting in irreversible damage to the engine. The aging and wear of the belt is also an important indicator to judge the quality of used cars. When buying a used car, you need to carefully check whether the belt is in the correct position, whether the contact surface is normal, and whether the wear is serious. The old belt is severely worn, causing a sharp drop in the contact area between the belt and the pulley. At this time, as long as the belt is pressed hard, the belt sinks deeply into the groove of the pulley. The rubber of the belt also has an aging problem. If the belt rubber is seriously deteriorated, the new belt must be replaced in time.
5) Exhaust gas
All said that the details determine the quality. When buying a used car, you need to carefully observe the small details that are easily overlooked, so that you can truly understand the quality of the car and prevent it from being pitted. In general, the exhaust of a car should be colorless and odorless. If the exhaust from the car is colorless and has a small amount of water vapor during the test drive, this means that the car is in good condition and is working properly. When a black exhaust gas appears in a car, it means that the fuel of the car cannot be completely burned, and thus the carbon deposit of the valve occurs. When the car has a blue exhaust, this may be the result of oil leakage, indicating that the car’s oil equipment itself is faulty. These cars should not be included in the scope of purchase.
Having talked so much, have you found a way to buy used cars? In fact, when summing up, when buying a used car, you first need to do your homework, select a regular car purchase channel, find important information on the webpage, have a certain understanding of the car model and price, and do so by shopping. The quote is used as a reference indicator. Secondly, you need to ask for the record of the car, fully understand the history of the car, and avoid buying refurbished cars. Finally, you also need to understand the knowledge of the car itself, and determine the old and new car from different parts and details of the car when purchasing. As long as we can achieve these two points, I believe that everyone can escape the trap of the car dealership and buy a really affordable car. Of course, in order to ensure that nothing is lost, when the car is ready, you can go to the 4S shop for a comprehensive inspection and replace the aging parts. This makes it safer and more secure during driving.

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