The used car market in the United States is mature, but if you mention the purchase of used cars, then not everyone knows the skills, and even a large number of people have suffered from these things.

1. Master the basic purchase process
(1) Formulating a budget
Since it is to buy used cars, the cost saving will undoubtedly be the most fundamental cost principle. Therefore, before buying a car, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable car purchase budget according to its own economic strength and actual needs.

(2) Determining the model
The best for you is the same, the same is true for buying used cars. So before buying a car, it is important to consider a few questions: the main function of the car, the regular number of passengers, the mileage of the day and the fuel situation.
(3) Car purchase route
In the United States, the main ways to buy a car are as follows:
First of all, Dealer (pre-owned car dealership), the United States Dealer models are numerous, many experts, but the price will certainly be relatively expensive.
Secondly, car rental companies, American car rental companies have complete models, but they are fixed in price and will not accept bargaining.
Furthermore, the local forum/school BBS will be a way to discover good cars in local forums, but after all, the amount of information is limited and good cars are easily robbed.
(4) Vehicle inspection
In the United States, any car has a unique ID card, VIN number, so we can first view the basic information of the car for free through the VIN number. Of course, you can also ask the seller to ask for the Carfax report to understand the car situation.
In addition, a necessary process in the personal test of the car, after all, others are exaggerated, only the ones that have personally experienced it is the most real.
(5) Pick up the car
If the above steps are all confirmed to be no problem, you can pay the money in one hand and pick up the car in one hand. Of course, as long as there is no payment, everything is possible, so at this time you can still further bargain with the owner, after all, there is no bargaining for used cars.
(6) Insurance
The problem that most car owners worry about is actually safe, so if you are sure to buy a car, be sure to give your car a safe enough car insurance.

2. The details of the purchase of used cars, the details determine success or failure
(1) regular car source
The maturity of the used car market in the United States has led to a variety of ways to buy used cars, but it is precisely because there are many, there must be some used cars with shoddy, so we must ensure that in the purchase of used cars, we must ensure The car source is formal. For example, the several car purchase routes mentioned above are relatively formal. In this way, I believe that you can avoid inferior used cars such as watch cars, soaking cars, accident cars, and smuggled cars.
(2) Picking the age of the car
In the used car market in the United States, used cars often appear for a year or a few months. For this type of car, you don’t have to worry about the car condition at all, and you can continue to enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty.
The price of second-hand cars for two to three years is much cheaper than that of new cars, and it has already passed the running-in period, and it will be easier to use, so this type of car is also worth buying. Of course, regular inspections are still not to be ignored.
The price of second-hand cars in four to eight years will be relatively cheaper, but the appearance, configuration, etc. are no longer fashionable, and the performance has certain problems. In principle, it is recommended to purchase carefully. Special reminder that the regular inspection and maintenance of this type of car must be carried out in a timely manner.
For more than eight years, it is recommended not to buy.
(3) talk about price
Due to the different car conditions of used cars, it is also negotiable above the price. Of course, as for the final purchase price, it can only be determined by the buyer’s eye.
Here, I would like to make the following two suggestions: First, you should not use the industry discount law to calculate the price of the car; secondly, the condition of the car determines the price of the car.
(4) Basic knowledge of car inspection
For those who buy a car, whether you buy a used car or a new car, the car inspection and the test run are two links that cannot be ignored. Therefore, when conducting the test and test, you must know some basic beforehand. Check the car common sense.
such as:
First, the engine and gearbox: the heart of the car, be sure to check it carefully;
Second, the brake: the minimum security guarantee, can not be ignored;
Third, the tires and steering wheel: an important part of the car, must be carefully checked;
Fourth, color and body, check whether it is repainted or experienced severe scratches and impacts;
Fifth, the interior: not necessarily the best, suitable for the line.
Of course, if you really don’t know anything about the car, then when you go to check the car, be sure to invite three or two friends who know the car to go with you to the car.

3. Select ten advices to ensure the price of the car
First, buy only the right ones, don’t buy expensive ones;
Second, the purchase of used cars is always based on safety and affordability;
Third, don’t believe in the so-called “quasi-new car”, because 90% of the quasi-new cars on the market are actually the illusion of changing the odometer;
Fourth, clean, beautiful cars often require more careful inspection. After all, the seller knows a sentence called “people rely on clothing, horses rely on saddles”;
Fifth, try to choose the mainstream model to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the vehicle afterwards;
Sixth, the car engine is recommended to go to the night to see the noise that can not be heard during the day;
Seventh, the car body scratches, painting conditions, etc. are recommended to watch during the day, the light will often make some false appearances;
Eighth, if you can’t see the problem of used cars, then you can go to see the new car first, then compare and purchase;
Ninth, the purchase of used cars can give priority to new car prices, Volkswagen models, private car models, etc. In principle, it is recommended to buy used cars in the off-season;
Tenth, used cars also have after-sales services, such as after-sales warranty service, after-sales value-for-money repurchase, and other vehicles after sale.

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