The so-called middlemen have almost every field of trading, whether in the automotive sector or in other business circles, including the ox, which we are familiar with, is the middleman. The sales profit in the automotive field is very impressive, but in the second-hand market it is even more dazzling, but many middlemen also get different benefits from different sales channels, compared to many, Some are scary, and it is very interesting that no industry has been so polarized as the second-hand market.
How do middlemen profit from it?
In general, car sales make money is a model: buy a large number of cars from the manufacturers, so that you can get the car at a lower wholesale price, and then put it in a physical store for a higher price, this is a kind The basic business model, and retailers rely on this method to earn the middle of the difference.
But the middlemen are different. There is not a lot of cost to get them to get the car, and relatively they don’t have a stable manufacturer. They rely on it to get from and to the buyer and seller. To profit. There is no fixed marketing model, and both the buyer and the seller belong to a single customer. This is the rule of the market. The middleman wants to get enough information to make money. On the other hand, the middleman is selling information. .
Therefore, there is a special term used to describe the profit model of the middleman, which is “information asymmetry”. The information that sellers and sellers hold is different, but for middlemen, it is all transparent, so middlemen can profit from the entry of certain information.
This makes many people very uncomfortable with the middlemen, because many times they buy a car through the middlemen and feel that they are too bad. They can buy a car with less money, but they spend a part of the money to buy it. The information of the middlemen. Therefore, the bad reputation of the middlemen has always existed, and there are often bridges where the middlemen flicker the customer. When the customer finds that he has bought a bad car, he has slipped away. How does the other person believe in the middleman?

Second-hand market middlemen more
The middlemen that appear in ordinary sales are far less than the middlemen in the second-hand market. In the second-hand market, the mismatch of information is more obvious, and the middlemen can easily obtain profits in them, so in the second-hand market, All the people who lead the sales are middlemen. They hide the information of the seller and provide you with the information of the car. You can slowly get in with you. After understanding your needs, he can easily get what you want with a huge information network. Information about the model.
Second-hand middlemen are generally divided into four categories, which are differentiated according to the mode of operation. In addition to the middlemen who are emerging as e-commerce, there are also middlemen who operate in the tangible market and register with the market in the formal market. The brand is sold independently. This is the current number. The last one is to operate in the form of an auction. This model is not enough enough to rely on offline promotion. It may also be subject to other The pressure on the aspect is generally a business model in which reality and network are combined.
Different business models have different profit methods, and no matter which kind of profit has a common characteristic, it depends on the relevant regulations on the sales of the second-hand market. Although the government has been indifferent to the second-hand market, from time to time it will introduce some relevant laws to curb the expansion of the second-hand market.
According to the relevant regulations, if a second-hand transaction based on a sales company must have a company account, this will result in even the middlemen who do second-hand sales have to buy taxes for their profits. And if you don’t pass any company brand and just pure personal sales, you don’t have to pay taxes, but there is no credibility of the transaction. This creates a contradictory problem. If you want to make money, you are not willing to pay taxes, no taxes, and no user groups.
Therefore, more often, the middlemen will use the company’s name to operate, but the money obtained will be directly transferred to their own accounts, and then the company will slowly collect the accounts. However, there is a danger in this, which is illegal. Deliberately not paying taxes is a very serious problem. It is also unreasonable to risk such a big risk of tax evasion. Therefore, the situation of second-hand middlemen is very embarrassing.
Middlemen in the second-hand circulation are indispensable
Although the middlemen in the second-hand market are hated by people, the role of the middlemen is still very large, and in such a complicated second-hand market, middlemen are indispensable. how you said that?
First, there are many types of cars in the second-hand market, many of which have good quality and poor quality. This will make it difficult for buyers to choose. Even if they know exactly what their needs are, they can’t take it to themselves. The car you want, and often to study the second-hand market is a very troublesome thing, so you need a second-hand shop to help you integrate information, to a certain extent, the second-hand business can give you the desired result in the most convenient form, this is very important.
Second, the second-hand market is too deep, quality is a problem that buyers are very concerned about, and sellers only pay attention to how much money their car can sell. Then this is a problem. How to ensure that the car you buy is indeed what you want. Used cars with prices within the accepted range? At this time, the value of second-hand merchants is reflected. Regular second-hand merchants have certain authority. It can even be said that when they buy a car that does not meet their own standards, they can return to the country to find second-hand business troubles. From another angle, Said, second-hand merchants guarantee a quality standard for used cars, they at least understand that too bad cars can not sell.
Third, the middlemen have a very important role in making second-hand transactions a legitimate activity. In the communication between the seller and the buyer, the second-hand dealer solves all the transfer procedures and guarantees the transaction. The legitimacy, this is a very important thing for users to pay attention to.

Nowadays, although second-hand merchants still have the value of existence, they can’t blindly confuse customers as they used to. They want to win customers’ money, they must be sincere and authentic, and the middlemen still have to keep on. Through the research of customers and the aggregation of information, they are more capable of selling a large number of used cars.