1. Reversing image

Now choose a car, many people will first see if there is a screen in the car, because the big screen is the high force in people’s subconscious mind! In addition to the navigational use of the original chicken ribs, nothing can be seen in the car a small movie or something; however, the most practical is the reversing image function. This has saved many new knives on the road! Of course, we must also admit that in the case of increasingly complicated urban road conditions, parking often encounters something. Therefore, the configuration of the reversing image highlights the necessity of its existence in a second – it is easy to help the driver to see the surrounding situation and reduce the probability of accidents. However, to be honest, it is still an auxiliary tool. You, car owners, still have to pay more attention to driving the road, and the driving skills need to be improved.

2. Blind area monitoring

Blind area monitoring is different from reversing images in that it can help drivers greatly reduce accidents when changing lanes or turning through monitoring systems. During the road driving, if other vehicles appear behind the vehicle, the system will automatically light up the indicator light of the corresponding exterior mirror to remind the driver. If the driver turns on the signal light in the direction, the indicator on the exterior mirror will be accompanied by a warning sound as a reminder of the driver’s attention to the vehicle.

3.ACC adaptive cruise

Everyday driving may not feel anything, but when you turn on the high speed, you will find that a posture is a little tired for a long time, and often one accidentally has a foot throttle and speeding. At this time, the most fear is that the police uncle has accidentally kept up. is you. At this time, the cruise function is turned on, which can be said to be the best of both worlds. In addition, when the radar detects that the distance between the vehicle and the preceding vehicle is too small, the vehicle can coordinate the action with the anti-lock braking system and the engine control system to properly brake the wheel so that the vehicle and the vehicle in front always maintain a safe distance. . This equipment is more practical than fixed speed cruise!

4. Automatic headlights

When the sky is getting dark in the evening, the headlights automatically light up, feeling that this forced to save yourself a lot of things. Many car owners often forget to turn on the headlights in a dark environment. First of all, this is very unsafe. Secondly, the police uncle will come over and say hi to you. Most of today’s auto headlight systems also have a headlight delay off, which is used to lock the car and forget to turn off the lights, cut off the power supply to prevent the battery from losing power. It is not uncommon to start the next day because of the loss of electricity caused by forgetting to turn off the lights. With automatic headlights, what are you worried about?

5. Seat ventilation heating

The small partners in the eastern United States and the Great Lakes region have experienced the cold winter days. In addition to thinking about buying an all-wheel drive/four-wheel drive car, seat heating seems to have become an essential requirement. With seat heating, winter seems to be too much. In the south of the long summer, seat ventilation must be your favorite, sitting in the car on the cool breeze, you know it before you use it. It must be said that compared with air conditioning and cooling, this effect conversion rate is faster and more direct.

6. Bluetooth connection

I believe that many riders will use the Bluetooth connection function. Even the mobile phone will automatically connect to the car Bluetooth. It can automatically play half of the music, and no need to use the radio or CD. It is more convenient to answer the phone and other functions, so that you no longer need to hold the phone with one hand and drive the other hand. While reducing the risk of accidents, you can concentrate on driving or have a good time chatting with friends. Why not?

7.USB interface

In addition to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, wired connectivity is one of the configurations worth considering. The most common one is the USB interface. In addition to the owner, many passengers will consciously look for USB plug charging as soon as they get on the bus. After all, the power of the mobile phone is too fast. If there is no power or low battery on the outside, there will be no sense of security. If you shut down, it will feel like the world. You don’t have much to say about mobile phone dependence. So the USB interface is also one of the necessary equipment.

8. Multi-function steering wheel

This feature is actually repeated, but repetition does not mean that there is no need to exist. For example, if you are driving a car with no wheels on the steering wheel at high speed, you want to change songs on the way, and it is very dangerous to score your heart and turn to the center console. But with the multi-function steering wheel, the driver can concentrate on driving, and it is very convenient to use other functions. Therefore, the multi-function steering wheel is still necessary at some time.

9. Driving computer

The driving computer allows the driver to keep track of the driving situation of the car, including mileage, comprehensive/instantaneous fuel consumption. In addition, there are some very useful reminder functions. For example, if a certain door is not closed, it is also reminded by it. It is not necessary to use the old model like the previous one – there is only a warning prompt when the door is not closed normally. It is necessary to check one by one to know that it is Which door is not closed.

10. Tire pressure monitoring

Many models of driving computers now include tire pressure monitoring, but there are a few exceptions. Most of the car accidents are related to the tires. The state of the car tire pressure is very important. The old drivers who used to drive the car are all based on the feeling, but the novice driver is rather miserable. Basically, the tires will not know if there is a problem with the puncture. It is. With real-time tire pressure monitoring, the driver can see the status of the tire pressure at a glance, effectively eliminating the related accidents.

11. Keyless start / entry

Keyless start/enter is not new equipment, but it must be said that it is still very practical. For example, without key entry, the car key is in the bag, and the trouser pocket does not want to be taken out. As long as it is close to the door, it is straight to open the door and get on the bus. Do not use the key after getting on the bus, just press the button that is activated by one button or turn the knob switch. In the winter when it is “frozen into a dog”, this equipment can make full use of its practicality. If you want to get ahead of the hot car, you won’t need to use it at home.

12. Child seat interface

Child seat safety is already common, and most models come with a child seat interface. In the case of a car collision or sudden deceleration, it can slow down the impact on children and limit the child’s body movement to reduce the damage to them and ensure the safety of the child. But today, there are still many people who are used to holding their children in their arms when they are in their own cars. In fact, this is a very dangerous behavior. So with the baby’s partners, the child seat interface is very necessary.

13. Anti-glare rearview mirror

Driving in the evening, in addition to being very annoying to the opposite lane of the car to open the high beam, but also hate the rear car to open the far light, really will drive while driving, but helpless, even dare not care about the speed. However, with the anti-glare rearview mirror too much, the glare from behind will be absorbed by the rearview mirror, and the rest of the light reflected to the driver’s eyes will be much softer. Although the principle of this equipment is very simple, it is very practical. Here is a reminder to everyone, driving at night, use the high beam. In fact, all the configurations on the car are useful and have certain practicalities, such as large-size wheels, xenon headlights, panoramic sunroofs, etc., which are many people’s favorite configurations, but the practicality is not comparable to the above. In addition, accessories such as driving recorders and mobile phone holders seem to have become “configurations” that can be seen on every car. Can car manufacturers consider it? It is also very intimate to think about the trouble of eliminating the need for consumers to install later.

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