The United States is sparsely populated. It’s okay to have no car of its own. It is wise to have a car of its own.
When buying a used car, be sure to see it clearly. Don’t really get yourself back with a troublesome little broken car. Below, I will sort out some precautions for buying used cars for you.
We focus on the key part of “checking the car” to make a detailed introduction for everyone, so that you can buy a car with a cost-effective second-hand car for you.
View car history
The maturity of the US used car market is partly due to the VIN number. In the United States, VIN number is equivalent to the car’s ID card, a car and a license, you have the right to fully understand the car with it – as long as there is VIN number, you can freely check all the information about the car on the Internet. Of course, if you feel trouble, you can also let the seller directly provide a Carfax report. Here, Xiaobian specially reminds:
First of all, if the car’s Carfax report already shows that the car has experienced a major accident, that is, Total Loss, it is best not to buy.
In addition, if the Carfax report shows that the car Title is Rebuilt Title and Salvage Title, it is best not to buy it. Although the price of this car will be several thousand less than the market, its maintenance cost will definitely make you spend more. A few thousand knives.
Finally, if the history of the car shows that the car is a soaking car, a modified car, a rental company’s car, a discontinued second-hand car, a deck car, etc., Xiaobian does not recommend buying. As for the specific reasons, Xiaobian has explained in detail before. pass.
Personally inspect and test
Although there are VIN number and Carfax reports, but in the face of buying a car such a big thing, it is more reliable to test the car personally. Therefore, the following suggestions are given:
(1) interior
Because the purchase of used cars, so the interior of the car will have some damage, but as long as it does not affect the use, basically can not consider this factor, after all, this factor will not constitute a safety hazard.
(2) color and body
The color aspect mainly needs to check whether the car has scratches and re-spraying paint, but the scratch is not the key point. After all, it is normal to buy a used car with slight scratches, as long as it is not serious. As for repainting, you can judge by observing whether the color is different in the sun.
The inspection of the body mainly needs to check whether the door is symmetrical to determine whether the car has undergone severe impact. Secondly, knocking on the body and the door to determine whether the car has been repaired is also an important aspect.
(3) Rubber
Rubber in places such as windows and doors is also a place to look at. If the rubber is damaged, it will definitely cause the car to seep. Such a car will surely bring endless maintenance problems in the future. Similarly, rubber cracking and hardening also need to be more easily found under the sun.
(4) Engine and gearbox
The engine and gearbox are equivalent to the heart of the car, so once you find that there are problems with the two parts of the car, it is recommended that you do not buy at a lower price, otherwise you will face several thousand knives for repairs in the future.
When checking the engine: First, you need to check whether the production number on the engine is consistent with the car; secondly, when the cold car starts, there should not be too much noise; in addition, when the engine oil is pulled out, it cannot be black. It is as clear and transparent as peanut oil.
Similarly, the inspection of the gearbox is also very necessary: ​​first, you need to check whether the gearbox is leaking oil. If it leaks oil, it is recommended not to buy it. Secondly, you need to try it out to check if the gear and reverse gear of the car are not smooth. It is also necessary to check the transmission oil. If the oil color is black or there is obvious metal powder in the oil, it is not recommended to buy.
(5) Brake
Although the brakes are small, they are really life-saving artifacts, so the brakes must not be ignored for the inspection of the car. Generally, the brakes are checked by the brakes after acceleration to judge whether they are good or bad. Of course, you can also ask the owner of the car. Generally, the car needs to be replaced when the car is about ten years old.
Furthermore, the inspection of the brake fluid is also necessary, after all, it guarantees the safety of the brake system. Remember, the color of the normal brake fluid should be light yellow, or a color with the oil.
(6) Steering wheel
The steering wheel of the car controls the direction of the car and, to some extent, the safety of the driver, so even if you buy a used car, we must have a steering wheel that is free to run and feel good. Of course, in order to ensure the normal use of the steering wheel, we also need to check whether the steering wheel oil is sufficient and normal.
(7) tires
The tire is also an important part of the car, so we must not neglect the inspection of the tire when we check the car. In general, the depth of the tire tread can reflect the use of the car – the tread wear is relatively old, and the wear is relatively new.
Of course, in addition to the inspection of the above important parts, it is necessary to check the fragmentary parts such as the front and rear lights, wipers, horns, batteries, oil, coolant, and shock absorbers. In short, you must remember the details when buying a used car.

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