Everyone knows that the US car sales have always ranked first in the world, but few people know that the US used car sales are also the world’s number one, and the sales volume far exceeds the new car sales.
In 2016, Rebecca Lindland, an analyst at Kelly Blue Book, once said: “For millennials, purchasing power is a very important issue.” Visible, living in New York today. Car buyers, used cars will still be their primary choice. So, how can we find the most used second-hand car with the least amount of money? Today, Xiaobian is here to reveal the god skills of buying used cars at low prices in New York.
1. Private Dealer (Private Dealer)
Used car purchases in New York rely primarily on used websites, Used Car Dealers, and Private Dealers. Although the three have great differences in many places, in terms of price, buying from a private seller is undoubtedly the most cost-effective. First, it has room for counter-offer, and secondly it can be tax-free.
However, Xiao Bian specially reminded that in order to consider the full range of performance of the vehicle, it is best to combine the former two to conduct a multi-faceted price comparison before seeking a private seller to assist in the final decision of the seller.
2. The model is mainly economical
When buying a car, we need to consider the vehicle year (Model Year), vehicle brand (Maker), vehicle model (Model), vehicle level (Trim Level) and other related information, in order to finally get a cost-effective used car. .
Here, Xiao Bian suggested that try to choose a Japanese car produced in the 1990s. The general performance of this car is relatively stable and the appearance is not ugly. The key point is that its depreciation rate is also objective, even if you want to change hands later. It will be much easier.
3. Test car purchase
After deciding which models you need, you must know the car’s condition, fuel consumption and car accidents. (In New York, each car has a VIN number, you can use it to check online for free, of course. You can also ask the owner to provide a Carfax report).
Keep in mind that if you are satisfied with the above situation, you must also drive to the designated garage to carry out a professional inspection with the owner before buying the car. At this time, you can listen to the repairer’s advice, including the price estimate, which will be a reconfirmation of the car’s performance, and can also bargain with the owner again.
For the purchase of used cars, although the price is cheap, but you also need to pay special attention to it, after all, no one wants to buy a used car with a repair cost exceeding the car fare. Moreover, for the car-buying family, the fuel consumption is also a problem that must be paid attention to. The “oil tiger” is a disaster that we are unacceptable.
If you have successfully solved the above problems, then you can start to test drive and buy a car.
4. Registration and insurance
It is worth noting that buying a car in New York does not include a license plate, so you must first register your car before you go on the road, otherwise you will face no small penalty.
Buying a car insurance is also a must-have item for buying a car in New York, but there are tens of millions of New York insurance companies, and fraudulent insurance is also common, so before you buy insurance, you have to ask for more insurance companies to find a cheaper insurance company. However, if you guarantee that you can drive civilizedly, it is recommended that you buy only the car insurance that the other party does not protect yourself (that is, when the accident occurs, the insurance company is only responsible for compensation).
Special tips, first, you must pay special attention when driving on the road in New York. If you accidentally hit the car or the traffic police opened a ticket, the insurance company will immediately increase your premium; second, the newbie driver in New York pays Premiums are higher than those paid by well-recorded drivers, and drivers with bad records pay higher premiums than new drivers.
In short, please keep in mind that New York is a super-stricken city with “rules of the game”. In order to be able to “get rich”, you’d better be able to follow the rules and play the game.

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