When not in New York, many people may have heard that public transportation there is very developed. After all, New York is a world-class city that affects the global economy, finance, media, education and other fields. The truth is, public transportation in New York is only concentrated in Manhattan. Out of Manhattan, if you want to buy green onions, you have to wait for the hourly bus.
In view of the lack of public transportation in New York and the lack of punctuality, Xiao Bian suggested that if you live in New York and have a second-hand car of your own (have written a lot of articles about the advantages of used cars before, the reason is not to say much.) ) Still very necessary.
Here, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to the specific situation and related matters that need to be paid attention to when buying used cars in New York.
1. Ways to buy a car.
As we all know, the used car market in New York is quite prosperous. Used car dealers, used car websites, and private car drivers are all common car purchase routes. However, with the frequent charging of used car dealerships and used car sites in recent years, unclear contracts, false advertisements, and other related fraudulent tricks, more people living in New York are now choosing to buy used cars. At the time, you will choose to buy directly from private hands. Here, Xiao Bian also has a warm reminder to everyone, directly buying privately used cars in New York can not only save taxes, but also bargain.
Of course, in this case, you have to pay attention, Hua Deng, New York is a lot of good people, there are many bad people, so when buying a car, you must choose a better place to buy a car, such as near the forest hill. In addition, Xiaobian friendship reminds that where the security is good, the income of the occupants is stable, and the vehicles will be relatively well maintained, so that you will be more likely to buy a good car.
2. Compare the price of the car
For most people, buying a car is not a small expense, so choosing a second-hand car with high cost performance is undoubtedly the biggest wish of every car buyer.
Therefore, we must seriously choose a used car that we are satisfied with. First of all, we need to conduct serious price comparison on the relevant platforms such as dealership, Youtube and Kbb official website. At this time, we need amazing eyesight and anti-repeated comparison and patience, and strive to achieve the most satisfactory one in the car. Secondly, we also need to choose the right model for the price. At this stage, we must focus on the comprehensive consideration of factors such as car purchase, car purchase budget and specific car system.
In addition, Xiao Bian special tips, you must test drive before buying a car, after all, test drive can really experience the performance of a car, and only at this stage you can seriously carry out mechanical inspection of the engine, gearbox and so on.
3. Registration on the road
Buying a car in New York and Huazhou (buying a used car is usually bought with a license plate) is different. You buy an unlicensed car, which means that when you pay for the car, the owner will take the license plate. Then, you need to pay special attention, you must register immediately after buying a car, because unlicensed cars in New York can not be on the road before registration, and can not stop on the road, otherwise you will face fines.
4. Purchase insurance
Of course, apart from registration, auto insurance is also a solid backing for travel. Therefore, after purchasing a vehicle, you must purchase a car insurance for your car and make a comprehensive safety guarantee. In this way, you can drive freely by car.
Today’s New York used car purchase notes are written here first, I hope you can help you in New York.

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