Hybrid cars may sound like an unknown term to many of us because the concept that came in the automobile industry, with the hybrid cars, is a latest one too. Hybrid cars can be recognised as the vehicles which can use one or more types of on-board energy. The hybrid vehicle does it to achieve the propulsion. You will be able to find a combination of all in the hybrid vehicles which includes, a fuel tank and a battery pack and electric motors and as well as a traditional internal combustion engine. So, in hybrid cars there is the presence of both the petrol and the diesel engine in an electric motor. The concept of hybrid car has been developed by keeping in mind the pollution factor which is affecting our ecosystem to a huge extent. With the combination of petrol and diesel engines, a hybrid car will be able to emit less carbon dioxide and at the same time, will consume very less amount of fuel as compared to the other singular petrol or diesel engines’ vehicles. It is a great step that has been taken to protect our ecosystem from getting polluted. Moreover, it is also a measure to save the fuel which, if not taken, would make fuel almost extinct from the universe. Moreover, this type of hybrid engines can be even used in two-wheelers as well as in three or four-wheelers. For example, it is not a big deal to see a moped or an electric bicycle or electric kick scooters using hybrid engines. Previously, there is a wide history of the hybrid vehicles as it was used in ships and submarines. These are the common usages of an hybrid engine which have not yet been replaced. Hybrid cars have not only brought about a wide range of variety economical options and as well as has concentrated a lot to improve the performance of the vehicles in comparison to the non-hybrid cars. These companies solely concentrate on the performance of the car without focusing on the outer appearance and fascination of the car. However, a lot of innovations have been brought about in the hybrid car industry.

The batteries and types and qualities of engines brought to the market are of different varieties and so, the quality of the vehicle depends completely on the type of engines, batteries and motors used in it. The better the parts of the vehicle, the better will be its performance. Moreover, hybrid cards are more compact and does not occupy more space which adds further to its advantages. There have been a lot of discussions to bring the hybrid cars into use in the past, for a quite long period of time. Though it took a bit longer time for us to discover the magic of hybrid cars, the results were well worth it. The models, impressive outlooks and to especially mention, it’s performance is absolutely exceptional which has made it a recent favourite of the mass.

Purchasing a car is not at all easy to decide for and it is even harder when you have to decide it for an hybrid car. As it is one of the latest additions to the car industry, many people may still have the confusion whether to purchase a hybrid car or a regular car. To know the difference, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid cars. As we are quite aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the regular car, we do not really need to specify the advantages and disadvantages of a regular car. There are the following advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid car which you need to know if you are planning to purchase it.

  • Hybrid cars create less pollution as compared to the conventional cars. As the hybrid cars’ engine is a combination of gas and electricity, they emit even lesser amount of pollution than the gas only vehicles.
  • You can also get much incentives from the government, if you are using hybrid cars. There is also a scope of receiving some tax credits for availing to the latest hybrid technology. There are also some rebates opportunities offered by some of the states for availing service to the hybrid cars.
  • In the case of hybrid cars, when the brakes are pressed, the energy gets stored in the battery of the car. However, the energy increases the charge of the electric motor instilled in the vehicle. This also increases the battery life of the vehicle and at the same time, increases the longevity of the brakes of your vehicle. Moreover, the process also helps you to save a lot of fuel, which would have otherwise got consumed and wasted.
  • Using hybrid cars also reduces the fuel dependence. As the oil supply is limited, the usage of such hybrid cars may rescue you from such a danger in the future.
  • Reducing the weight of the car helps to save energy. The new range of hybrid cars are light weight because more is the weight of the car, the more amount of energy will be consumed.
  • Hybrid cars have smaller engines installed in them. The usage of engines in a regular car differs a lot from the hybrid cars. The engines of a hybrid car are comparatively smaller because each engine do not need to put much concentration on the power of the car and it is thus, managed by the other engine too. This is the reason that the gasoline engines are light weight, small and also increases the efficiency of the engine.
  • Hybrid cars incurs more resale value. Recently, hybrid cars have been a lot in demand in the market. Even if it is an used car with a hybrid engine, it has a very huge demand in the market. You can thus, earn a huge percentage of profit by reselling a vehicle with a hybrid engine.

The disadvantages of a hybrid car are numbered as compared to its various advantages. But, before you make a fair choice, you must know both the sides of a vehicle. The following are the disadvantages of a car :

  • Sometimes, a few of the hybrid vehicles may lag behind in speed. As the main aim for developing a hybrid car is to maintain the economical balance, many times, the manufacturer outlook the speed factor and acceleration. It sometimes appears that the gas only vehicles prove to be more superior than the hybrid ones because of their total output and acceleration feature.
  • The weight of the hybrid vehicles is also a problem sometimes. To maintain the light weight of the hybrid vehicles, some of the parts of the hybrid vehicle are left out. The features like performance enhancements and sports tuned suspensions are available in the non-hybrid vehicles which do not have a place in the hybrid vehicles. The area where the battery pack is located, often fails in the distribution of the weight in the vehicle which affects the handling of the vehicles and may even lead to accidents.
  • When compared, it has been observed that the price range of the hybrid cars is more than that of the regular cars. Due to the several eco friendly measures that has been taken for developing the hybrid cars, it has gained a lot of popularity among the masses. This popularity of the hybrid cars has raised its demand in the market leading to the increase in price of the car. The price of the hybrid car and the regular car has a little margin. Due to this, many buyers of the society find that these cars significantly costlier as compared to the various qualities of the vehicle.
  • The maintenance of the hybrid vehicles is a great task. The cost of maintenance and repairing a hybrid car, is much more as compared to a regular car. Moreover, you may face a lot of difficulties as, not all the mechanics have the following parts or tools which are required to fix a particular hybrid car.

Before purchasing a particular hybrid car, you should do your own research. It will prove to be useful for an individual who is planning to purchase a hybrid vehicle. There are a various segments which you need to browse through before taking any kind of particular decision regarding hybrid vehicles.

  • The market segment of the hybrid vehicles should be properly analysed before settling on any decision. The compact size and middle size of the vehicle are almost like the conventional vehicles and does not differ much from the sedans and SUVs. However, there are some of the designs are unique, unlike the regular non hybrid vehicles. The capacity of the vehicle is from two passengers to eight passengers depending on your need and choice. There are many such popular dealers of the industry who are concentrating on the size factor of the hybrid cars.
  • The conventional engines and vehicles costs comparatively affordable than those of the hybrid vehicles. The price of the hybrid vehicle is about 20 percent more than the traditional gasoline engines. The price of the hybrid vehicles begins from $20,000 for the cheapest vehicles and it extends till $100,000 for the luxury car models of the hybrid vehicles. The price range of the hybrid vehicles is comparatively higher than the conventional models of the vehicles. However, the vehicles prove to be profitable when the individual can avail various tax rebates and discounts on the particular hybrid car.
  • All the hybrid cars do not share a similar range of specifications. The particular specifications may vary from different model to model. Generally, there are two types of hybrid cars which are known to us. They are regular hybrid cars and plug in hybrid cars. Regular hybrid cars contain a gasoline engine and a battery which gets recharged by the car. These regular hybrid cars release 40 to 60 mpg increased gas mileage. The price of regular hybrid cars are also higher in comparison to the conventional cars. Plug in hybrid cars have comparatively larger batteries which can get recharged by the particular cars or can also derive it from some external sources of power and energy. These sources mainly include long range hybrid operations and short range all electric operation. However, there is not a lot of difference in the price range between the regular hybrid cars and the plug in hybrid cars. The costs of both the types of vehicles are much more than those of the conventional vehicles. Moreover, there is also the addition of the extra transport cost to the original cost of the vehicle which further increases the price of the vehicle.
  • Safety is also a factor which needs to be brought into focus while purchasing a car, especially a hybrid car. Many of us have the confusion how a hybrid car performs on several different types of roads. The difference in performance may confuse the customer so, to avoid accidents and to ensure a safe driving, the individual should know minutely about the various specifications of the vehicle to manage it properly. The following primary safety features like stability control, front seat side airbags, full length side curtain airbags, antilock brakes are features which are present in any hybrid vehicle. The list includes rear view camera which is a requirement nowadays due to very common occurrence of road accidents. The luxury brand features like warning about impending collisions and indications of a blind spot intrusions are no more restricted to luxury cars. These features have now become compulsory for cars with every car to ensure more safety and security and to avoid the scopes of road accidents. It is necessary for an individual who will drive the car, to have a certain knowledge regarding it. If possible, you can join a crash course which will help you to know specifically about the usage of each and every part of a car. The wider the knowledge, the better will be the performance of the car. Along with it, you will also emerge as a safe driver which will reduce the life risk of the passengers in the car.
  • The more features the car has, the more luxurious it is to ride. Luxury plays a very vital role while purchasing a car, especially a hybrid one. Some of such luxury features include, smartphone interfaces, rear view cameras, keyless start systems, navigation systems, Bluetooth capability, heated seats, automatic climate control. Some of the features from them, can also be found in many non-luxury vehicles. It is better if you can get more of the features by paying less so, it is always advisable to keep your eyes open while purchasing a particular hybrid car. Seat adjustments, charging units, unique storage solutions are some of the key features that everybody wants in the car but they also come with a disadvantage. These particular features in the car tend to discharge the battery of your car faster than the estimated time because they consume a lot of energy and power.
  • The roominess is such a luxury as well as a much needed feature that is a must while purchasing a hybrid car. There are common seating features like those of the conventional vehicles, which can accommodate five passengers easily but there are such cars too, which have eight passengers seating arrangement and also, two seat sports cars. There are also four seaters which are only a few in number especially in the case of the hybrid or electronic vehicles. It completely depends on the need of the individual and the price and quality of the car that which one, among the above type of cars you want to purchase.
  • Cargo space is one of the most required feature in any type of vehicle, be it a hybrid one or a regular one. The vehicles with larger batteries has lesser space left to accommodate while the vehicles with comparatively smaller batteries can accommodate more cargo space. The cargo floors are quite accommodating in most of the cars while in the SUV cars, the cargo floor accommodation is comparatively lesser. The larger the battery, the lesser will be the payload capacity of the vehicle. The hybrid vehicles never compromises on the passenger seating comfortability with the cargo space but the payload capacity is such a factor which has not got any solution yet.
  • The cost of the hybrid cars is still counted to be one of the biggest issues faced by a consumer. As the prices of the hybrid cars or of the electronic vehicles is relatively higher than the other regular cars, most of the people tend to avoid the choice. So, try to look out for discounts offers or sales. Sale price or discounted price helps you to save a lot of money. Moreover, you can also avail a vehicle if the seller is offering you a good period of warranty, which would eventually cover the servicing charges of the vehicle. You can purchase an used hybrid car from a well known car dealer which will make you spend much less than you will spend on the brand new car.

Hybrid cars have been showing their magic in the automobile market of the United States of America since a long time now. It has been first introduced in the markets of the United States of America in the late 1999. Back at the time, it attracted the customers with its biggest and most popular quality of being a fuel efficient vehicle. The price range of the vehicle not being very high, attracted many buyers too.

There is a huge number of people who often tend to confuse the term “hybrid” with that of “electrical” vehicle. However, these two terms do not indicate the similar type of vehicle and thus, differs a lot. Hybrids vehicles are generally referred to the gasoline burning machines which makes use of their electric bits to reuse and collect the power and the energy which would otherwise have been wasted in the regular, non-hybrid, standard cars. If you do a bit more research on this, you will be able to know that the diesel electric hybrids can prove to be a superior as well as more fuel efficient. However, in both the cases, be it an electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, there is no scope for cost cutting or cost saving. Both the hybrid systems and diesel engines includes many extra cost affairs, which can hardly be avoided. Thus, it has been concluded that availing both the types of engines in the same vehicle, is an expensive affair.

There are several such terms which comes up eventually while referring to a hybrid vehicle. These terms relates to the function of the vehicle as well as its features. These terms are as following :

Electrical drive

It is not possible for all the hybrid vehicles to operate a vehicle on electrical power. It is only possible if the hybrid system installed in the car has enough capacity to make the electric engine work properly. The weight of the car plays a vital role as the speed and the distance the particular vehicle can cover, depends on the same factor. The strength of the motor generator and the sustainable capacity of the battery used in the car, also contributes to the speed of the car.

Hybrid cars are not only concentrated to one type. There are several other types classifications, into which, a hybrid car can be divided depending on its types and features which differentiates from each other. There is also a difference in the way each of the hybrid car tend to operate. The system initiates from the layout of the system of the hybrid cars particularly. To know well about the hybrid cars, you need to explore the variety of hybrid cars in the history as well as in the market.

  • Series hybrids: This is one of the oldest of the hybrid car types. Ships and the submarines use the particular layout which used to appear in the last century. If you go through a series of hybrid car of the past, you will be able to see the transformation of the electric motors to turn the drive wheels. This is the reason that the motors must be more powerful and larger as compared to the other regular vehicles. However, you cannot refer to a wide series hybrid vehicle as a “pure” electric vehicle. Such a particular vehicle has an excellent engine, which tends to burn the fuel by expelling the emissions of the car. The particular engine powers the electric generator to produce the electricity, to the vehicle.
  • The hybrid vehicle of the range uses a fuel cell which is powered by the hydrogen gas by replacing the latest type of the gasoline engine which provides the function to  generate the electricity. These types of cars which are usually called the  fuel cell electric vehicles ( also known as the FCEVs), are estimated that it will begin to put its footsteps in the retail market in smaller quantities, by the year 2015.
  • Parallel hybrids: The concept of the parallel hybrids are not an all new concept in the brand new automobile industry. These type of hybrid cars are known to be one of  the simplest and the most cheaper ones among the type in the usage of the current automotive industry.  In the parallel hybrids, the desired output of the engine and the electric motor are blended together upstream of the transmission. The particular  engine tends to dominate, and does not contribute anything without propelling the hybrid vehicle. Installation of an electric motor provides an extra boost of electrical energy, and if the vehicle is large enough, it may prove to be one of the car’s only source of propulsion, especially for measuring the short distances. However, in a  conventional parallel hybrids, which are quite common to the Civic Hybrid by the popular automobile company, Honda, the feature of the  regenerative braking works as one of the the sole source of recharging power for the electrical battery. There have been a history of it having recorded the most of the purchasers due to its comparatively affordable and much cheaper price.
  • Series parallel hybrids: The name of the type of the vehicle implies the type to which it belongs. These particular group of cars contain the counted elements of both of the types types, hybrid vehicles as well as an electric vehicle. According to known concept of the industry, the engine of the hybrid car and also of the electric motors leads to the transmission of the cars through the separate paths which enables to the fully independent propulsion of the vehicle making the engine or electricity as a source of the power and energy of the car. If you do a bit of research, you will be able to discover that the the motor generator of the vehicle can help to boost the output of the engine of the vehicle. These vehicles can also provide you with the feature of battery charging through the  regenerative braking system which are usually present in the hybrid vehicles. Series parallel motor generators are considered to be sizable, so the source of the electric only operation ( which usually operates at low speeds for a couple miles) is counted as one of the  standard feature. However, the engine of the vehicle can manage the power of the car, but at the same time, the same task can be assigned again to the battery charging while the electric motor is involved in the task which tends to drive the vehicle, especially indicated as the classic series operation.
  • If you indicate a series parallel hybrid vehicle according to the features of the car, you will be able to check it through a computer which monitors the driving conditions of the individual in the car. You will also be able to identify the state of the battery which will help you to decide that which particular mode is proved to be the  most efficient one at the given point of time. The smooth blending of all the different modes of the series can be carried out, afterwards, by one of the unique feature where you can continuously notice the variable transmission ( also known as the CVT) which is used as a planetary gear-set. This whole system opposes to a system of variable belts and pulleys. The whole range of the parallel hardware is considered to be more expensive than the other range and series identified during the same period, but If you compare the payoff, the results in measure of the efficiency will prove to be one of the best. Even till today, these particular hybrid vehicles tends to offer the largest number of gains in measures of mileage, also known as the mpg unit. The highest amount of electric energy only speeds up along with the longest electric only run times of the hybrid vehicle. There is a wide range of hybrid vehicles by one of the popular automobile company owners who uses the series parallel systems till now to achieve the best results and offer satisfaction to their customers worldwide.
  • Plug in hybrids: The name of the series identifies its type. These hybrid vehicles cannot only be considered as a fourth type of hybrid option because a plug in facility may be based on any of the layouts mentioned above. Plug in hybrids ( which are also called as the PHEVs) began appearing in the automobile market during the end of the year 2010. The characteristics which can be distinguished between in a significant manner, brings to the focus an enlarged battery that permits the highly impressive electric driving range. They can swell and may extend to a mile or two which is only possible with the  regular hybrids. You will also be able to avail the plug, which tends to provide a singular way to plug the battery inside an electrical outlet for recharging the battery. There are the following benefits of the plug in hybrid facility which includes, its advantage to go on long travels in an all electric mode and also for most short trips when you need to reserve the gasoline engine especially for long drives. This is a particular feature which tends to boost the fuel economy of the hybrid vehicle into 100 MPGe territory. If you widen your research of the cars, you will be able to see that there are many popular brands of the car which has contributed a lot to the range of vehicles worldwide.

There are two types of battery which can be found in a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicle has introduced two of the main battery types. The first one introduced in the industry is the nickel metal hydride batteries which are generally used in almost all the latest discoveries in the industry of hybrid vehicles. However, these type of batteries are not quite efficient, and thus, cannot be variedly used for the plug in systems.

The next is the Lithium ion batteries which tends to be very durable for the automotive usages. However, you can choose the particular battery of your choice for your plug in system and also, for the latest, newer conventional hybrid vehicle models.  These type of batteries are comparatively lighter and much more denser in energy as proved by the various usages even more than those of the nickel metal hydride batteries. The battery engineers are still  continuing their research in the same field to provide the next generation buyers with the hybrid as well as the electric vehicle battery. These type of batteries will tend to offer the customers comparatively lighter weight batteries, along with the lower cost and with a greater range of varieties.

However, the type of the battery hardly matters at last. The hybrid batteries are considered to be a part of the emissions system. These are quite profitable too as they cover the period of warranty of the emissions. It covers almost eight years which estimates for about 100,000 miles when measured to the federal emissions states, and almost 10 years, estimated around 150,000 miles in the states which  identifies itself to the standards of the California emissions.

The system of air conditioning also works as an engine driven compressor. This is the reason that the hybrids with the maximum battery capacity of the vehicle, instead uses an electrically driven compressor. There are also some of the  lower cost hybrid vehicles that retain the compressors which are particularly engine driven. However, the drivers of the engine must avail an “Eco A/C” system mode where the individual can limit the function of the compressor when the engine is terminated after the use.

There is no doubt that hybrid and electric cars are the future. Many governments are also encouraging their use in order to reduce dependancy on fuel as well as to save the environment from further damage.

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