Today, let’s explain the status of American used cars that you don’t know.

US used car status
First of all, the US used car market has already wanted to mature. At present, almost all car dealers in the United States are involved in the used car market. After all, there is no particularly high new car market compared to the profit margin. The market profit rate of used cars is still very impressive. Of course, this kind of used car sales competition is undoubtedly a great advantage for consumers, and also ensures the rationality of the used car industry.
Secondly, the current used car market in the United States still has a very high vehicle penetration rate, a relatively short change cycle, and a high replacement rate of used cars.
Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of used cars, almost all used car owners will purchase a guaranteed car insurance for their car after purchasing the car. Therefore, the existence of finance and insurance also ensures the robustness of used cars to some extent.
Finally, the US government’s neutral policy on used cars is undoubtedly giving confidence to used car sellers. For example, the state “Lemon Law” and the purchase guide issued by the Federal Trade Commission have all guaranteed consumer rights to a certain extent, giving consumers great confidence in buying used cars.
In short, the mature trading channels and trading models of the used car market in the United States, the state’s neutral policy on used car transactions, the trust of car dealers and buyers in second-hand car transactions, etc., continue to promote the maturity of the US used car trading market.
However, at present, the profit of new cars in the United States has been declining year by year. The profit of used cars far exceeds the profits of new cars and the car culture tends to be rational. The phenomenon that car buyers are becoming more mature with the concept of used cars is also spurring the consumption trap of the used car market in the United States.
American used car trap
“The market is mature and the traps are still there.” Perhaps this is the most appropriate evaluation of the “mature” US used car market. There is no gold in the world, no one is perfect, and there are bound to be drawbacks and traps in mature markets. Then, today Xiaobian will explain to some of the current used car traps in the US market.
First, the used car models in the US used car market are diverse and have everything, but it is for this reason that the US used car market is mixed. After all, there are many miscellaneous and miscellaneous.
Second, at present, there are still yak brokers tampering with VIN code, re-adjusting the code table, hiding accident cars, selling smuggled cars, and re-selling used cars into the used car market. As a result, second-hand car sellers will undoubtedly be forced into a huge deception.
Third, although the current market price of used cars in the United States has been relatively transparent, the difference in the maintenance level of the same type of car and the sufficient buying channels will lead to a large price difference in the pricing of the car.
Fourth, the development of network technology will inevitably lead to the development of car sales through network channels, but it is also the case that many used car purchases have been deceived.
Fifth, the black heart used car dealers will be equipped with hands and feet. At present, there are still a large number of soaking cars, accident cars, and scratching cars in the used car market in the United States… But in order to make money, second-hand car dealers often take extraordinary measures to beautify the car. As a result, a large number of used car sellers will be deceived.
Of course, in addition to the phenomena mentioned in the above small series, there are various strange trading traps in the used car trading market in the United States. Here, Xiao Bian kindly reminds that although the purchase of used cars is cost-effective, the risk is not small.
3. Precautions for buying used cars
Although the risk of the second-hand driver market in the United States is constant, it is a relatively mature second-hand car trading market. Therefore, the current situation of the used car market in various countries has come, and the current trading situation in the United States is still relatively good. Of course, all of this is due to the “careful and cautious” use of used car sellers in the purchase process. Therefore, Xiao Bian hereby specifically reminds that in the United States to buy used cars, please be sure to consider the following steps.
First of all, the car channel. Although the use of used cars in the United States is diverse, the safest channel is Dealer (pre-owned car dealers). After all, the cars in Dealer are guaranteed. Even if they are boasted, the false ingredients will not be too big. Of course, you can also consider the various channels such as Dealer (pre-owned car dealership), car rental company and local forum/school BBS.
Second, the price is estimated. Since the choice to buy used cars, the price must be an important factor that the seller will consider. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that before buying a used car, the seller must prepare for the preliminary work, and consider the price of the car based on comprehensive consideration of Model (model), Year (year), mileage (mileage) and other information. Of course, it is best to refer to the KBB reference price.
Furthermore, the car history is queried. Because the purchase is a used car, the buyer must know the history of the car in detail, try to eliminate the possibility of soaking the car, accident car, modified car, smuggling car… After all, the car is purchased for the convenience of life, and Not to find trouble for yourself. Of course, both VIN number and Carfax reports will give you the most support when querying your history.
Finally, the car and the test run. “The ear is imaginary, seeing is believing.” For the car, as long as you experience it yourself, you can determine its specific performance. Therefore, when buying a used car, please be sure to test the car yourself. If you don’t understand it too well, please bring along a friend who knows to go to the test.
All in all, the used car market in the United States is a rare market for mature used cars in the world, but since it is a market, “profit” has become a factor that must be involved in the transaction process. Therefore, some ordinary people do not know. Used car trading chaos.

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