Many people just came to the United States to buy a car, and the cost of used cars is low and the premiums are relatively cheap. It has become the best choice for many Chinese to buy a car.
Where to buy used cars is better, everyone knows that there are two ways to buy used cars in the United States, the first is to buy used cars in private hands, the second is to buy in dealer. The biggest advantage of buying a used car in a private hand is that the price is lower than the dealer and the tax is saved. But here everyone should pay attention to, first, the price is low, buy a used car in the regular dealer, the tires are brand new, and many things have been replaced, so we ignore this when comparing the price of private cars and dealers, second , provincial tax, many privately sold used cars can write gift, it is recommended that you do not write, write gift has a great risk, compared to private cars unless very close family and friends, or recommend to the regular car dealer to buy used cars, although The price will not be cheap, but the quality is guaranteed. The used car dealer usually provides quality assurance within one time. It is also very important that the regular car dealers will go to the auction site to check the engine for the guests. The car with the engine problem will never be photographed, so it is recommended not to A little cheaper, spend more money in the late stage and take on more risks.
Buy a used car first and know your budget and the model you want. My advice is that if you are not very brand-conscious and the driving experience in the United States is not very rich, it is better to choose a Japanese car. Because Japanese cars are relatively cheap, the same price Japanese cars can buy better cars. Moreover, the maintenance cost of Japanese used cars is very cheap, the same engine replacement, the German car engine costs are thousands, and the Japanese car engine replacement is generally a few hundred knives. If you don’t like Japanese cars, then American cars are also a good consideration, such as Ford or Chevrolet. Secondly, after selecting a good model, look at the online, what are the common problems of this model, to know a little about the car you want to buy, fuel consumption, engine, and so on.
Next, look at the cars on the major websites. Everyone should be mentally prepared and do a long-term struggle. Good cars are waiting, don’t worry. Look at the model you want every day, pay attention to the distance according to the ZIP CODE.
After choosing a car, you can first call the car, confirm the specific situation of the car you want to buy, and then make an appointment to see the car. You can estimate it on kbb before watching the car. It should be noted that the configuration of the car you are looking at, The high level of configuration affects the price to a large extent. When evaluating on kbb, don’t forget to check the optional package, which is very important. Write down the price of private and trade in under four conditions. For reference, everyone should pay attention to it, just for reference, because when you actually buy a car, you will know that the probability of buying your favorite car with the above estimate is very low. . Also check the other private or dealer selling the car with the car status, write it down, as a bargaining chip.
Make an appointment to see the car. Under normal circumstances, if you see the car, don’t worry. Check the car paint first. Do not care about the small scratches. You buy a used car that is not a new car. The Americans used to use the car as a tool. harsh. Then open the hood and see if the hood is painted, if any, needless to say, there is an accident. For confirmation, check the screws on both edges of the engine compartment for passive marks. Then look down from the front of the engine compartment to see if the water tank has been changed. The original original water tank will have a mark on it. Then look at the front bumper for signs of impact. Finally enter the car, carefully check the inspection function, and whether there is any smell.
Then test the car, do not sit up and start the test. First, listen to the sound of the engine and the vibration inside the car. Put your hands on the steering wheel, your knees on the door, the vibration is very big, and you feel your hands are shaking. Don’t buy it, because you don’t know where to change. . Subsequently, the original gear, several gears changed, listen to the engine sound changes when shifting, see the number of revolutions, feel the engine vibration. Generally speaking, how to make the number of revolutions of the engine will change but not too big, it will not be higher than 1000 rpm. The less than 1000 rpm here is for the case of hot passing. As for the cold start, it does not exceed 2000 rpm. As for the vibration situation, there will be a little change every time, but there will be no other sound in the chassis. Try to find a local with a strong friction when testing. Turn off the sound before driving. When driving, first pay attention to the central control and the main driver and the abnormal sound of the door panel behind the main driver, as well as the hanging sound on your left side. If there are too many abnormal noises, pay attention to it. Don’t buy it. If you buy yourself, you will be guilty. Of course, it is acceptable to have a little noise. After all, you buy used cars, not to mention which car has no abnormal noise. Secondly, pay attention to whether the suspension has other noises, and if you feel the suspension is loose, don’t buy it. The price of a suspension is very high. Then go to the high speed, keep driving to 80 miles, pay attention to two things, the first wind is dry, the second steering wheel is shaking. After the test run, if you are generally satisfied, do a good job, buy a good car, the second-hand car dealers can immediately issue a temporary vehicle owner certificate of MMV.
Next is the auto insurance aspect. In the United States, car insurance is purchased, one is a direct insurance agent, and the other is a borker that deals with many types of insurance. The difference is that the agent is generally only a company’s insurance products, but the quality and service are guaranteed; the borker is the agent of many types of insurance, the varieties and services are uneven, and generally there is an additional service fee broker fee. American insurance companies are more reliable in terms of service quality, such as Allstate, State Farm, AAA, etc. These companies are relatively large, so they will be very safe in terms of price and service. Of course, the price is relatively high, but it will provide many driving age discounts. Student discounts, etc. In addition, for specific premiums, the longer the car is, the lower the premium is. If you buy a used car without a loan, and the total price of the car does not exceed 5000, you can directly purchase liability insurance (semi-risk). If you have a loan or a lease car, you must be fully insured. In addition, for the different car premiums, probably for everyone to compare: from cheap to expensive, this is the Japanese car – Korean car – American car – German car; the other four cars are cheaper than the two-door car, the open two doors Sports car premiums are the most expensive.
Buying a car and insurance in the United States is no worse than having a language barrier. Many times, the so-called experience is the “blood and tear history” that comes all the way. Buying a car or insurance, and looking at more. Listen to the advice and suggestions of friends around you, do a good job and start again, you should not spend money.

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