The biggest advantage of buying a used car is that it is economical, and the second-hand car has a low discount rate. New cars are always depreciating at an average rate of 20% per year, and used cars cleverly avoid such a loss. If you are a newcomer who just got a driver’s license, the used car is the best choice for you. It is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps when driving out of the car. The maintenance and repair of new cars are not small, but the maintenance of used cars is much cheaper than the new ones. At the same time, it is difficult to find new parts if repair parts are generated, which greatly increases the cost of using the car. The used car is the best choice for practicality.
If you choose online trading, the scam’s tricks can be described as endless. It is very likely that after paying the deposit, the car will disappear without seeing the seller. Or if the car does not match the real thing, the seller will also buy and sell it on the grounds that the deposit is not refundable. If you go to the field to buy, in many models, soaking cars, accident cars, refurbished cars are heavily mixed, and newcomers to buy cars can not accurately identify these scams. Today, we will address the above-mentioned phenomena and teach you the precautions for second-hand car evaluation to help you purchase the most cost-effective vehicles within a reasonable budget.
When buying a used car, the first thing to do is to determine the type of car you need. When buying a car, it is easy to find out that the car looks the same, but because of the different configurations, there will be a big price difference. The price difference between medium models can reach about 100,000. When buying a car, the shopping guide will also emphasize “appropriate the price according to different configurations.” Additional configurations for common models typically include leather seats, power mirrors, power windows, airbags, driving recorders, premium audio, power windows, and more. These will add value to the car, usually if the car is not sold for a long time, the depreciation rate will be low. When purchasing a used car, you need to determine whether the car price is high based on these configurations.
Buying a used car also involves a very important issue: the depreciation rate. In the case of new cars, the depreciation rate for the first year of purchase is usually 15%, and the depreciation rate will increase year by year as the use time and wear level increase. The depreciation rate for the first five years is usually between 5% and 8%. Therefore, when buying a used car, the child needs to calculate according to the price of the new car.
The assessment method can be divided into the replacement cost method, which is to estimate the total cost of the vehicle in a new period, and then subtract the loss portion. This is a common way to evaluate used cars. In the calculation, it is necessary to take into account the physical devaluation of the vehicle wave, such as the loss of the base equipment and the engine, which is caused by the internal factors of the vehicle. Secondly, the external environment leads to the economic devaluation of the model price reduction. Therefore, its calculation formula is: used car evaluation value = replacement cost – physical depreciation – functional depreciation – economic depreciation.
Comprehensive analysis method. This type of analysis is based on the purchase and use of the car, based on the car’s wear, use, maintenance costs and other methods of price conversion. There are many factors to be considered in such methods, and the calculation is relatively complicated, but the calculation data is accurate and the operability is strong, which is a common operation method in the used car market.
In addition to the above, the method of second-hand car evaluation can also be divided into income present value method, fast depreciation method, vehicle observation method, component identification method and so on. In a practical example, if a car is driving up to 300,000 kilometers. Because more than 300,000 kilometers, the maintenance costs will increase exponentially, and the total cost will probably exceed the value of the locomotive itself. In the calculation, the mileage of the car can be divided into five sections within 300,000 km, that is, 60,000 km per section. Each value is in the order of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 of the total price of the new car. That is to say, after the first car opened the first 60,000 km, it consumed 5/15 of the value of the new car, while the second 60,000 km consumed 4/15 of the total value, and then decreased in turn. And so on, if the current model price of the same model is 100,000, and has already traveled 120,000 kilometers, then the car is worth 100,000 × (3 + 2 + 1) ÷ 15 = 40,000 (yuan). This is the most commonly used “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” used car evaluation method.
When purchasing used cars, you can also conduct price evaluation on the Internet to ensure the reasonableness of the purchase price. At the same time, it is necessary to use the actual situation of the car as a reference. For example, according to whether there is sediment in the compartment and whether the circuit interface is loose, it can be judged whether the vehicle is a water tanker. Observing whether the engine has moved, whether the engine model and the window model are consistent with the original model of the vehicle can determine whether the vehicle has had a major accident, whether the water tank or the fuel tank is replaced or cracked is an important indicator of the refurbished vehicle. At the same time, it is also necessary whether the door can be closed, whether the window is normal, whether the vehicle lighting, air conditioning, audio and other electrical appliances can be used normally.
If there is no problem after the above inspection, then a vehicle test drive is required. It is checked whether the engine of the vehicle is in good condition according to the running condition of the engine, which can be judged according to the exhaust gas condition. The normal car exhaust is transparent. If the exhausted vehicle exhaust is white, it means that the car’s coolant level is insufficient and the engine temperature is too low, which makes the engine need more gasoline to drive normally, making the car more fuel-efficient. If the car exhaust is black, it means that the car’s burning waste is too much, which causes the air filter to not work properly. If the car’s exhaust is blue, this is the car has begun to burn the oil, which is a sign of a major failure. In the test drive, it is also necessary to extend the driving distance and judge whether the vehicle can run normally according to the driving conditions of the cars in different sections.
Buying used cars is actually a very risky technical activity, which needs to be carefully selected and purchased according to actual needs. Remember not to pursue low prices blindly, which will result in higher maintenance costs and more losses.

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