The most basic car insurance should be “Compulsory Accident Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents”. This insurance is a hard insurance provided by the state. In the worst case, some accidental traffic damage occurs, and the strong insurance can play its role. . There is another type of insurance that is commercial in nature. This type of insurance is purchased voluntarily by the owner. Commercial insurance is more expensive than hard insurance, but the amount of the claim is higher.

Generally speaking, there are many types of commercial insurance. In addition to some relatively unpopular water-related insurance, burglary and smuggling insurance, some popular insurances are almost always bought by every owner, including so-called motor vehicle loss insurance and The three liability insurance, etc., because commercial insurance can be involved in a wide range, so the customer base of its services is also very wide, but there have been some problems with insurance.
Customers often see different companies with the same quotation but different insurance coverage, or the same company has a price difference of several thousand dollars, especially in the past few days, it has spent more than 10,000 to buy insurance but after a few days insurance The offer has lowered this problem again. Therefore, the water of car insurance is relatively deep. It is not enough to understand the car insurance. The owner of the new car may be trapped by the cats. It is not suitable for insurance. When it is really a problem, it cannot be compensated.
Car insurance generally has several problems.
First, the number of car insurance is too much. As mentioned earlier, there are ten different types of car insurance, which is also the reason for the pain of the owner’s head, and based on this quantity, there will be more kinds of different combinations of car insurance, under so many choices. The owner of the car will definitely be made awkward. For example, the old driver buys less for the wipes and prefers some of the water insurance and other unpopular insurance. It is rare for them to scratch, so it is completely You don’t need to spend more money to add to it, but it is different for novices. The novice needs to run in with the car. It needs a certain mastery for the operation of the car, so the wipes, glass insurance, third Liability insurance and so on are all necessary to buy.
It is the most important thing to purchase a car insurance according to the type of car insurance you need. It takes time to study it.
Second, different insurances have different amounts of insurance. Generally speaking, the same insurance of the same company will have different prices because of the amount of compensation. However, the amount of the claim and the quotation are not in a certain proportional relationship. Generally, the general insurance amount is at least one hundred. More than 50 points, compensation for accident insurance can claim up to 80% to 90%, and the rest is compensated by the owner himself.
For example, your car is worth 250,000 yuan, and the accident insurance that bought 10,000 yuan can get 200,000 yuan of compensation, which is nearly 70%. However, if you add a few thousand dollars, you can buy twenty. The insurance of 20,000, in comparison, only increases the amount of insurance for several thousand yuan, but it can increase the insurance amount to 80%. In fact, very few people buy such insurance. In fact, this kind of insurance. Self-contradictory insurance is unreasonable.

Insurance companies make such a regulation purely to compete with each other, to understand how the tricky people know how to get the maximum price, but for the new car owners, they don’t know about it, and in the auto insurance industry, mutual The competition is very fierce, which is unmatched by other industries, especially on the same stage. In order to attract customers, insurance companies will issue insurance policies similar to the blind eye, making it easy for them to buy their insurance.
In general, it is because the price management in the insurance industry is relatively relaxed, resulting in a different level of insurance prices. Insurance companies and auto stores can directly obtain larger customers, but they have almost no choice. The gimmick is not enough to attract customers, only the car dealer’s recommendation can sell their insurance, that is, this has to be given to the car dealers.
Third, various preferential policies and the downward index of new and old models. In order to attract new customers, many insurance companies, in addition to launching many insurance items that are conceivable, will also make a fuss in certain certain insurance items, basically giving a certain preferential range, but more often the business will not say For the money, this old-fashioned routine is not suitable for new customers. They offer insurance packages similar to packages, such as discounts on new vehicles in a few years, or in certain areas such as the province. The insurance will be awarded.
Relatively speaking, customers prefer insurance similar to limited travel, because this type of insurance is more favorable than discounts. This kind of discount is generally special. Sometimes it is easy to be insured without major restrictions. Fudged, there was a vehicle accident outside the province, and there was no benefit in the province’s car damage insurance. At the beginning, the greedy small price made you suffer a big loss. Therefore, you must pay attention to your insurance specific information when you apply for insurance. It is best to sign and pay after you ask.
There is also a situation in which the old car is insured and down. Because the car is old and new, the claims received by the insurance company will fall by a percentage. Generally speaking, the amount of claims received by the models over three years is far less than Seventy, in the old and new, different insurance companies have their own identification standards, so it is very troublesome to buy insurance for old cars.
This also leads to different insurance funds for the car, so many old drivers don’t like to buy too much insurance. This is also the reason. Once you have enough confidence, it will not be so easy to happen. Second, it is not necessary. Buying ordinary insurance, this is also the reason why they like to buy some special accident insurance. For the old car, those insurance items are more suitable.

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