In the 21st century, the automobile industry has become so competitive. This competition has led to a great level of innovation. Automobile companies produce exotic cars most of which has second hand value. Thus, if you are not able to purchase a brand new car, you can opt for a used car. Majority of the cars we see on the roads and neighbourhood are used cars but because they have second hand value, you might not know. In this article, I intend to write about buying used cars and how to identify good ones. To start with, here are few reasons why you should buy a used car. At a time like this, the need for mobility increases on a daily basis. To some point, it seems as if you do not have a car, you will not be reckoned with. The society has become so competitive that you cannot just but get a car. Everyone needs a car. From the 18 years and above, they need for a car has become so obvious

1)       They are cheap: Most time, new cars might not be readily affordable to many people who want to buy one. For example, a brand new car could be sold for about $15,000 or more. But the good news is that you can still buy this same car, but the one that has been used for as low as $8,000. Therefore, it will be easier for one to afford $8,000 than $15,000.

2)       They are strong as well: Many people think that used cars have lost their quality. In order words, they think that used cars do not have second hand value. Little did they know that used cars can also be as strong as the brand new car depending on the user? Most users are always careful with their cars and that is why the cars still retain their second hand value at the point of sale.

3)       Also, it is obvious that most people do not like brand new cars. Instead, they prefer used car. This is seen mostly among those buying a car for the first time. Since they have never bought a car before, therefore, it might be risky to go for a brand new car. Thus they opt for a used car

So then, there are few things to do before buying a used car. You would make a great mistake by going into the automobile market, point a used car and go straight to pay for it. Therefore, before you buy a used car, do the following.

1)       Know what you want: The first thing to do is to know what you want. You must identify the type of car you will like to buy. For example, many people prefer Toyota over Honda. Some prefer Ford over Range rover. Therefore, you must identify the exact car you want to buy.

2)       Research about the car you want to buy: After you might have identified the brand of car you want, the next thing is to research about the car. Use Google and other relevant websites to read about the features of the car you want to buy. This is because you might not know much about that brand but other people do. Go to websites where they do car reviews and know what people are saying about that brand and then you will be able to take your stand.

3)       Contact a mechanic or a more experienced person than you: Having done this, you must needs go with your mechanic to buy the car so that he can test the car for you. If he tests and certifies the car, then you are good to stake your money.

4)       Test the car: The last thing you do is to test the car. Used cars are nice and if you get a good one, you will like it. Test the car to know if it functions well. If the features are not working fine, tendencies are that they car might give you more problems than you expect.

These are the few things you must know about buying a used car. If you cannot get a brand new car, then you have another alternative instead of giving up. Yu need to go in for a car which is really good and gives a very good result. Once that is done then things are much better. A car is car whether new or old there id nothing that is bad. Also you ccan get the delivery of the car soon.

IT IS CHEAP: Used cars are cheap in general. It is important to know that if you keep saving money to buy a brand new car, you might not be able to save enough money. But then since there is a great need to get a car, you should go for a used car. Personally, I love used cars because of their relative cheap prize. As a young man working hard to get lots of things done at the same time, I will definitely prefer getting a used car. Imagine trying to save up cash to get married, rent an apartment, feed myself, get a car and do other things. It will become advisable for me to save cost by buying a used car for myself. At least a used car should go for half the prize of the brand new car. Thus, I will be able to save enough money so as to do some other things for myself. In like manner, if you consider these, you will see the need to buy a used car above a brand new car. A friend of mine recently bought a used Toyota Camry 2.2 for less than $1500. Meanwhile, brand news Toyota Camry 2.2 costs more than $5000.

THE NEED FOR MOBILITY: Secondly, imagine been in a serious problem at mid night. Maybe your wife gets into heavy labour at mid night that you have to rush her to the hospital immediately. What will you do? Truth be spoken, what you should do is to rush her instantly to the hospital for proper medication. Imagine if this happened within a period when you are saving money to buy a brand new car. What will be your lot? Unfortunately, many people keep saving money to buy a brand new car and in turn keep incurring other loses to them. If you have enough money to get a used car, do not delay because it will save you a lot of problems and danger.

THE INCONVINIENCES CAUSED BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: If you make use of public transport system, you will find out that there are lots of inconveniences attached to it. Most especially the transport system obtainable in Africa is a hell of a kind. That is why you must seek to own your own car as immediately as possible. This will help you overcome some of these inconveniences attached to public transport system. Imagine having an appointment by 10am and you go to the transport company office as early as 7am. With your calculation, you should arrive your destination latest 9:30am. Unfortunately, on getting there, you find out that you have to wait for other passengers to arrive before the car moves. How will you feel? I missed a very important appointment on 14th April, 2018 all because of this. This made me know that I need a car by all means. Since I cannot afford a brand new one, a used car will be better.

USED CAR HELPS TO GROW YOUR START UP BUSINESS: Logistics has posed a serious challenge to start-ups in the 21st century. Since the two focus of every business is to minimize cost and maximize profit, getting a brand new car for your delivery as a start-up business might be really unwise. There are businesses which demand that you move your products or services from point of production to point of sale. If it is still at the start-up level where the owner struggles for fund to reinvest, then it will not make sense to get a brand new car. Go get a used car for your delivery and watch your business grow speedily.

BAD ROAD: Talking from experience, in my country (Nigeria), bad road has become a major challenge that occurs over and over. In some stated, you hardly travel for as long as 15 kilometres without encountering bad roads. It becomes more of a hell in the rainy season. Because many cars get stocked in the bad road. As such, having a brand new car in such places is strongly discouraged. Imagine buy a brand new car for as much as $20,000 just to use it for less than 2 years and it becomes bad because of the incidence of bad roads. It will be far better you get a used car in such a situation so as to save cost. If the car gets bad, at least you never spent much on it.

IT IS EASIER TO GET: There are some parts of the world where brand new cars are so difficult to get. It might take you more than a month to be able to get a brand new car dealer. For example, Nigeria has 36 states with the capital, yet brand new car dealers are in less than 10 of those states. Yet used car dealers are found almost in every local government. It then means that there is a faster and higher access to used cars than brand new cars. Many car dealers import more of London and Belgium used cars into the country. Therefore, instead of undergoing many inconveniences just to get a brand new car, you can go get a fairly used car.

The need and importance of a used car cannot be overemphasized. Unknown too many of most of the cars on the road are used cars, yet they are very flashy, eye catchy and attention grabbing. If you think you need a car urgently, a used car will be better. Most especially, for those trying to buy their very first car. Start form buying a used car and the grow to buying a brand new one.

When you are thinking of buying a car, you can buy a good one with cheap price only if it is a used but a good one. You can buy a used car without a review and have to suffer. But if you wait, be patient and can study detail about the car, then you will succeed in having a good car with the price or the condition of the car.What should you look for to buy a used car?

Research: It is important to do a well research to be patient and to succeed. The new cars don’t talk about problems of the car. But the old cars are clear about jerky transmissions or short-lived air conditioners. New cars do not clear the problems or the reliability is not guaranteed but the old cars are far better than the new ones.

Cheaper: Year old cars are cheaper than the new ones. When you buy a new car, it costs much more. After a year this car now is a used car and costs less. But if you buy a used car, the price is less and after a year, it is same as an old car. No need to pay the upfront cost of the car.

Engines: When you are buying a car, choose the car that has a small engine. The small engine burns less fuel and the big engine burns more fuel. If you buy a car with small engine and let it run through the village then it will burn more fuel.But when you drive it with speed, then it will burn more fuel.

Fuel type: If your car runs with fuel like diesel, then is it definitely not petrol? Check the fuel inside.  Petrol and diesel are two types of oil. Buy the car that is driven with petrol, for the long run, diesel is not cheap.  More experts are needed here

Manual: If your wish to choose among manual or automatic. The automatic are a bit more costly. The way a car is driven with a manual gear wins and runs well.

Hybrids: Technology is improving. More and more hybrids are coming into the market. Hybrids cost less but to buy later, you pay more but if you buy and old prince, it will always remain almost same.

Positive time: When you want to buy a used car, keep an eye on the price going up or going down. Do not buy when the price is going down, buy when it is just starting to go up. It is the best time to buy a car!

Requirements to consider: It is wise to check on some points when you are about to buy a car.(1) spacious, cheap car,(2) any other beneficial services to get?(3) for long drive or short journey(4) massive space or friendly only(5) petrol or diesel?(6) eco-friendly or harmful(7) other things are to be considered too. Like, tax, upfront cost, repayments, insurance, MOTs, servicing, parking permits and tolls. There are more; repairs, new tyres, valet cleaning and so much more.

It will serve you, so get the best: Don’t hurry, check on dealers, or private sellers, collect all information, compare, think and buy wisely. Don’t be afraid to haggle. Haggle as much as you can. Stay firm, let them call you back. You will win for sure.

Check for mileage, overall condition, repairs, oil, engine condition, safety condition, lights and the radio. Consider some more things.

Is your driving position comfortable, can you fit a baby car seat inside? Double check the brakes stopping suddenly, check different routes, turnings, are the clutches okay and smooth? Bonnet, doors, boot space? Starts smoothly? The power of the engine, noise,suspension?

Buying from a dealer, you can have extra protection but when you buy privately, you can get it in cheaper price. Do not buy ‘sold as seen’ or ‘no refund’ are basically cheaters, who cuts your rights off. Never buy a used car without having and knowing its history. If you buy a used car, consider some more, check and take care before you buy. Check for the insurer, history of accident or stolen, any news that might haunt you late Do not buy through e-bay and do not use Paypal, as you do not get any protection if anything goes wrong. The protection does not apply for cars. Try to pay an amount with your credit card,it will help you, if you need it. Make sure that whatever you buy, it is needed for sure. If you are not sure do not buy. Check for the car insurance before youbuy the car. It should be updated with no problem at all. The seller may give insurance with only of a little money, so before you drive away with the car, check the insurance paper, maybe if luck helps, it is in good shape. Confirm the clear papers of insurance and then you take the ownership of the car. Well, if everything is in good condition, check for the log book, the book that has records or servicing, manuals, spares, keys, sales contract and finance package.

Although whatever you think, allow your friends to let you know about used car, sometime it happens that someone would sell the car but not at all interested about the market price and thus you become the winner.

Know your rights, so that you are not cheated, no one can bluff you or can cheat on you. Keep your knowledge updated and stay updated with the information you should have with you.

A budget: If you prepare a budget in mind, sell your car privately. Before that use some paints here and there to give it a better look and save the money for the next buy time.

Keep a close look, your car will make you remember it. Sit inside and feel comfortable and drive to see, if you are happy and confident with it or not. Do not buy anything that you do not like or feel comfortable to own it.

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