Why brands are important while buying used cars?

It is a habit of human psychology to always look for the best be it any material thing. Over the years, we have developed a notion that branded things are the best. Whatever we want to purchase, we always look for the best option. We use brands as the main judgement factor for choosing the best thing. If the product is presented by a popular and well-known brand, we consider it as an assurance of being the best in comparison to the other brands. So, brands play a huge role in our day to day life. The psychological impact can also be seen while purchasing cars. No brand, worth its salt would ever try to undermine you, in order to protect its own interest. Thus, you can be assured of quality if your pre owned vehicle is branded.

The concern of brand is even more while purchasing the used cars. It is very important to check out several factors of a vehicle. There is a common psychology which can be seen while purchasing an used vehicle. We tend to focus more on the brand from which the car belongs. The quality of the car and it’s parts can be justified by a person who has enough knowledge about the parts of a vehicle. It is quite difficult for a person without enough to justify the car present condition of an used car. So, we often make brand a parameter for judging the quality of the car. If it is from a renowned brand, we often think that the quality of the parts of the vehicle will also be good. It is because of the fact that we already have enough information about the brand. Here, trust towards the brand plays a very important role. As we do not possess enough knowledge about the vehicles, trusting the products by the brand is very important. However, there are certain factors which helps to develop the trust towards a brand. These are :

  • Quality service for a long period of time – If the brand is able to provide you quality products along with services for a long period of time, it will eventually build your trust towards the brand.
  • Values the customer interest – If the brand values your individual interest and choices of the product, then it is a brand worth trusting.
  • Friendly and cooperative services by the brand and its employees – It is only the services provided by the brand employees that you will always remember. So the employees who serve you well and are helpful, is worth your trust.
  • Less complex business policies – Always go for a brand which has easy to understand business policies. If the policies are easy, it will not be a problem for you to purchase or return or exchange a product. Such policies not only ensures your satisfaction but also helps to avoid your wastage of money.
  • Offers great discounts and deals to its customers – Discounts and exciting purchase deals are the offers which help you to save some money on the products you want to purchase. So, a brand, which besides providing quality service also provides such exciting deals, is worth a choice.

Nowadays, we often do not have the purchasing power to buy a new car. The problem can be however concluded, if we purchase an used car instead. It costs much less than the new ones so, we do not even need to spend much money for fulfilling our needs. However, the quality of the car depends primarily on the factor of its brand. If the car is from a renowned brand which has the record of providing quality products to its customers, then the quality of the car is sure to give you good service. However, the service expected depends on other factors too, to some extent. It depends on how the first user have used it and has done its servicing. Also, if the particular car has manufacturing defects, irrespective of brands, it can also affect your level of satisfaction. A thorough pre-service is very important before purchasing the car. Thus, it is always advisable to purchase car from a well known and trustworthy brand.

There are a lot of dealers in the market presently, which claim to sell used cars at a very affordable rate with minimal policies. Among so many brands, it is very confusing to choose a brand which can provide us with all the possible services we need. There are certain steps which we need to follow if we want to choose a good and trustworthy brand.

  • Check the popularity of the brand referred to- The popularity of the brand defines its quality. If the brand has rose to the level of popularity, it is only because of the quality of the service that the brand has provided to the customers over the period of time.
  • Customer reviews matters a lot when the matter is about brands- The customers who have had a previous experience with the company or brand, can only ensure genuine reviews. You should always check the reviews of the customers online or offline on the particular website, before choosing the particular brand.
  • Check the policies of the brand and it’s business strategies, before choosing the particular brand- It is very important to check whether the brand has any license of its own to sell pre owned cars. If the brand does not have any license, it is not at all safe to purchase the cars.
  • The after service provided by the brand is a very important point to be noticed- If the brand provides smooth and profitable after purchase services, then it is a brand which values customer interest. One of such a brand is not only best but it is also very advantageous.
  • Try to look for the popular car dealers who can only provide pre owned cars which in good condition and can be hardly differentiated from the new ones.

Affordability is one of the most important factor to be judged when it is about purchasing an used car because the word “used” exactly defines its condition. The term itself is enough to say that the product is not new and thus, it should be absolutely affordable. There is no point of purchasing a car which is used if the price point does not show much difference. There are many such brands who claim the cars which are used as new after a bit of change in the outlook and charge the net amount as of the present price of the car.

There are many such cheat and fraud business strategies which are quite common in the market, these days. The news of theft and burglary of cars has also become very common in the market. There are many such stores who tend to attempt such tasks to sell the cars. If you manage to purchase such a car, it is quite obvious that you will fall victim to some serious legal matters and may also find yourself behind the bars. However, such an incident is quite uncommon in the case of popular brands.

These popular brands which particularly deals with the sale of pre-owned cars, have business ethics and they carry on their business strategies based on them. Besides that, they value customer interest and their trust more than anything. So, it is not possible and also not expected from them to carry on any such activity. These renowned brands have a special category for the car which is used. They set a special price for these cars and display them according to their condition. Moreover, they do not display cars, which are not worthy of being used again. Several checks are performed on the cars before taking them in their display schedule. There might be some internal disorders already present in the car which are also put to check especially in the case of such resale purposes.

There is also a set of rules and regulations provided to the licensed brands and companies which they have to follow them in order to sell the second hand cars. These rules have been especially framed to keep a check on the brands and so that, these companies cannot engage in any kind of cheat and fraudulent activity while carrying on their business. There is also a quality level previously set for such cars which helps the proprietor to decide whether to take the car into consideration or not. These rules safeguards the consumer satisfaction as well as puts a check on the very frequently practised fraudulent activities.

Nowadays, without a certain knowledge about such dealerships programs, it will be hard for you to ensure your satisfaction after purchasing an second hand vehicle. It may happen that the pre owned car breaks down the day after purchasing it. Such a sudden breakdown of the car does not even allow you to claim an exchange or refund of your money spent on it because there are many such dealers who are not even able to provide you with the after purchase service warranty which interrupts your satisfaction. It is because of such rules and regulations that not all the dealers are able to provide you with the required service. It is only possible for a certified dealer to provide you with such services and warranty periods. Not only the outlook and physical appearance interrupts your after purchase satisfaction, but there are also some legal issues which can be a hurdle for you.

It may have an insurance failure record or maybe it had been purchased on finance pay term which has not been fulfilled. These types of drawbacks are very commonly faced by the customers who purchase pre owned cars. Such matters will eventually be imposed on the buyer and you may end up spending a lot of money on the pre owned vehicle than the original one. A certified buyer would never sell you an pre owned car, without the genuine legal papers. Thus, you should always re-examine the legal papers before purchasing any car, especially an used one. However, there are still some cases when you cannot claim the service because it is really very hard to predict everything that is going wrong in the second hand car. So, the rest of the decision is completely based on your trust for the brand from whom you are purchasing.

Customer reviews can have a greater impact on the brands. Reviews of the experienced customers matters a lot. The brand might seem quite glamorous and high end from its outlook but it might have a fraudulent idea behind its business strategies. The customers who have already had shared their experience, can only give you a genuine idea of the brand. Apart from this, many brands tend to compromise on the quality of the parts of the car which eventually worsens the condition of the car.

Many brands do not allow a previous mechanical check on the pre owned car which does not ensure complete purchase satisfaction of the customer. It is one of the key checks which play a very important role while choosing a second hand car because it is not at all possible to predict the internal condition of the car without examining it properly. Trusting the dealer is not the only the way of judgement. You should always make the vehicle go through an inspection by a trusted mechanic to get a clear idea about the internal condition of the car. However, this inspection process is not always met in a genuine manner. Especially, during the sale season of the cars, it is very difficult to get a genuine review from the inspector because there is lot of rush.

The brand owner would never prefer to bring out any kind of flaws about their product in front of the customers. You can only do that during the sale season, if you have a trustworthy relationship with the mechanic or the owner of the brand. Nowadays, the mechanical inspection is given more importance than dealers because if the parts of the car are absolutely fine, there is hardly any kind of problem that can affect your satisfaction. It is the only way through which you can derive enough assurance about the vehicle, you are planning to purchase.

Apart from this, there are also some certain steps which needs to be followed while purchasing an second hand car. If any of the factor goes wrong, it may give unsatisfactory results for the customer.

Set your budget before starting any kind of discussion

If you set a budget that you can or want to spend on the vehicle, then you should set it before beginning any kind of discussion with the owner of the brand. If you are impulsive and the owner gets a hint of that, he or she will try their best to throw you different options which may tempt you to take a sudden decision. Never express your excitement or level of want for the vehicle even if you want it with all your heart.

You should never show it to the owner otherwise, an advantage can be taken by them by raising the display price of the car. Moreover, if you are able to decide your price range your search area is also narrowed. You do not need to go on searching for all the cars available in the market if you already set a price range for your car. So, eventually your search area and number of options becomes selected and narrow.

Many of you may have the confusion as to why you should not fix one single price rather than fixing a range. To answer that, we must not forget that there is always a change of negotiation or bargaining, especially in the case of such cars. Thus, depending on the chances of negotiation, you should prepare a price range which considering your minimum and maximum price which you are willing to spend on the used car.

The dealer may try to impose higher and extra costs in the price of the car which are not needed most of the time. So, it is absolutely your duty to check out and examine the costs which has been imposed. There are a few dealers who do not want to give you the facility of covering the inspection of the mechanical parts of the car cost and also the warranty or repair cost of the second hand car after purchasing it which is something against the law.

Lastly, do not hesitate to negotiate between the price ranges offered to you by the owner because you are fighting for a real cause and trying to save the money which may go wasted. Thus, you should never shift from your decision and stick to the point from the beginning of the discussion if you want to negotiate the price and save your money.

Describe your requirements for the car you want to purchase to your dealer

You may have some set of requirements for your car which you want to be there. If you do not express your requirements properly to the dealer, he or she may not get it and may offer you options, which are not in sync with what you are looking for. In order to avoid any such confusions and difficulties, you should make your expressions loud and clear enough. However, a bit of research is always required before presenting your views before the dealer.

You can note down the certain points to ensure that you do not miss out any of the points while talking with the dealer. They have certain categories which have some different features. So, the number of requirements matched with the categories will help you to get your dream car.

These categories have been prepared to meet your expectations and to assure complete customer satisfaction. If you do the research, it will be much easier for you to come to know about several deals. Knowing about such great deals will help you to get exciting offers on your car purchases which can also help you to save some of your money. There are several such dealers who do not even want to disclose about the fact of giving away such exciting deals because they want to incur the charges, instead of giving that deal.

If you have an all round information about the deals and the reason for giving it away, then it is quite obvious that you can put pressure on the sales man or on the dealer to avail the particular deal. Also, a local visit to some of the nearby stores can also broaden up your idea about the recent prices of the second hand vehicles, that is going on in the market in the present time. This will also boost your confidence while giving an example before the dealer and you can also put up the actual price if you are charged extra by the dealer.

Take into consideration the various options of your payment

Gone are those days when you had to save money in cash to purchase an accessory. Nowadays, we have come through a lot of improvement and thus, we have also developed several of such options which can help us to pay the money we need and that too, in absolute legal terms. We often tend to opt for the financing option when we have less money with us. It is a quite smooth option and allows you to repay the remaining money to the financing company in smaller instalments after purchasing the cars.

Many of you may fail to distinguish between the process of loan and finance but there is a lot of difference in it. Finance is what you can avail from the dealer you are purchasing the car and in the case of the loan procedure, you will have to contact the bank. The dealer or the brand has nothing to do with the loan procedure. It will be all between you and the bank.

Inspect the mechanical quality of the car before purchasing it

The question, why the previous owner of the car or the dealer wants to get rid of the car, may haunt us. There must be some kind of reason which has made the dealer to put the it on sale. The reason can be any but most of the time, it is due to the mechanical issues which becomes a hurdle for the owner and when you are availing the service of a car which has already been sold before, you need to be much more careful. This is the reason that a previous purchase mechanical inspection is required which will allow you to know the defects and drawbacks of the car.

You may predict the condition of the car by looking at it to some extent through its outlook but only a mechanic can provide you with a detailed information of the car. It is one of the must follow steps especially if you are purchasing an used car. Do not worry about the cost of the mechanical inspection because it is the responsibility of the dealer or the usher of the car to provide it free of cost to you.

Avail a carfax report to get rid of all the suspicions and confusions regarding the used car

Carfax report is one of the most useful document possessed by a person who is about to purchase an used vehicle. You may make the car go through several kinds of checks and can also examine it in various ways but not any of these can get you the previous legal history of the car. It is only by availing the carfax report that you can get to know about any kind of legal disorders regarding the particular car.

If the car has ever had any previous record of accidents or has a failed finance case, then it will come up in the carfax report. This particular report can save you from getting involved in the legal issues because of the car you are purchasing in the future. However, it is the responsibility of the dealer or the seller to get the carfax report for you but if you are purchasing from a private seller, he or she might not follow the step. In such a case, you yourself can do it by taking the permission from the seller along with all the required details. It is also a very important step as it has the ability to warn you from any such kind of upcoming legal danger from the car.

Do not go with the flow and limit your excitement before the seller or the dealer

The business world has some tips and tricks, which is followed can get you the best possible deals. Basically, there is a lot of psychology than maths in this business strategy. If you open up about your excitement about the car to the dealer, then you might end up losing the best deal. The dealer will be able to know about your psychological state of mind and that you have developed a liking for the product and you will not be willing to give up on it. Taking the advantage of the matter, the seller will increase the selling price of your desired car. This is the reason that you need to limit your excitement through your words or expressions.

Always stick to your point and show the seller that it does not at all affect you to walk away from the store if the conditions of the car does not match yours. Otherwise, if you keep on listening to the seller you my fall in the trap of the seller and may end up wasting your money. Possessing a reluctant attitude towards the dealer, will ultimately make you the gainer.

Avail a test drive to look at the condition of the car more precisely

The outlook and mechanical tests of the car, can give you a superficial experience of the car. It is only through a perfect test drive that can give you the experience of the comfortability of the car. The experience how the car actually drives and if you are comfortable in the seat of the particular car or not, can only be tested through the test drive of the car. If you have any kind of problem in the car, do not hesitate to withdraw your commitment from the seller of the car because your comfortability is the priority. Test the car on several types of road to justify its ability, including highways and the bumpy roads. Also, if you are thinking to drive it in a hilly region, it is important to test the car on such steep slopes too because the cars tend to perform differently on different kinds of road.

Do the paperwork well to avoid any kind of problem regarding the car in the future

Purchasing an used vehicle has more paperwork hustle than purchasing a new car. You need to be prepared and careful about your legal safety of the car. Paperwork plays a vital role in the legal matters. Nowadays, no such work is there which can be done without paperwork. It is neither safe for the seller, nor for the buyer. So, it is advisable not to rush and hurry while making a deal, especially of an used product because you may end up missing out a few points, which can make a lot of difference in the deal. You need to follow certain steps and rules in order to complete the paperwork.

First of all, you will have to look for certain documents without which, the paperwork cannot be brought into existence. These documents include, a cheque for a previously approved loan, a personal cheque, a bank cheque and a cashier’s cheque. However these payment procedures may slightly from dealer to dealer regarding which you must consult with your dealer.

Next, you must give the proof of your driving license to show that you have knowledge about driving. This license is also a proof of your identity which is one of the most important document required for any kind of legal work. It may be substituted with a phone bill or a residence bill, if you are not the driver of the car. Next step is to insure your just purchased car. Nowadays, accidents have become very common on the roads and who can say that you will not be a victim of it. It is important to have an insurance for your car, so that, you get a full coverage of the car, if it meets any accident.

You can get an insurance of the car from the dealer you are purchasing the used car from, or you can also avail it from a different insurance agent. No matter from whom you avail the insurance, you will have to provide a proof of the insurance to your dealer during the paperwork.

These above mentioned documents are common in any kind of car purchase, used or new. However, there are some documents which are specifically required for purchasing an second hand car. The document of the car is itself a contract between the buyer and the seller, which must contain the general informations about the car which includes price of the car paid by the buyer, the date of sale, odometer reading, notarisation, signature of both the buyer and the seller.

If you are not aware of the legal procedures, you can consult a lawyer who can help you in completing the procedures. In many cases, the individuals do not give much importance to the deed of sale document because it does not have any major use in the purchase of the car. You may never know when a document can come to use. So, it is always safe to prepare a deed of sale document.

You can download the document for free from any such website, where the columns like Make, Type of body, Model, Plate number, Year, Date of sale, Notarisation, Vehicle identification number, Car registration number, Name, address, and signatures of both buyer and seller, Motor number, Purchase price and Official receipt number.

Next, another important document is the registration certificate. If you do not have a registration certificate of the car, the it is not at all legal. Registration of the car makes it certified to a particular region. However, if you shift from one region to another, you will have to register your car again under the new region to make it legal. Last but not the least is the purchase receipt of the car without which there will be no proof that you have legally purchased the car from the seller. So, never forget to ask for your purchase receipt, especially if you are purchasing an used car.

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