Best time to buy a new car

Everyone has their own reasons and requirements to choose as the best time to buy a car. This is very specific and unique to every individual and cannot be generalized for everyone. But still there are some occasions which normally people wait for, so that they can buy their dream machine. We are listing some of the best occasions which influence the decision to buy a new car. If you need a car then there will be no problem only thing is you need to keep certain things in mind and once you do that then things will be much easier. There is the best time to buy the car when you have money. There are lots of people who are looking at options but finding the right car is never easy. You need to research well before selecting.

  • Financial Year End

Year ending has always been a popular time for buyers to indulge in buying a new car. To meet their annual targets, automobile companies offer huge discounts to boost their sales. Some of the schemes which are run by the car manufacturers and dealers are as follows—-

  1. Overall reduced price on various models
  2. Extra accessories, like car stereo or leather upholstery offered at zero or minimal cost
  3. Free insurance, or better finance scheme or lower down payment to attract customers. This is very good time to buy the car. This is god option and you can have a great time making use of this. This is very good time to buy.
  • Month Ending

This is just like a normal time for the car sales and is normally pushed by the sales person of the company. To meet their monthly targets, there are small benefits offered to consumers. These offers might not be too lucrative but still, some buyers do get attracted to buy cars.

  • New Model Release

This is a very important time for the car dealers to flush out the older model vehicles. Due to release of new models, there are few takers of old models and the dealer as well as the manufacturer are in huge pressure to get rid of the inventory as it can soon become a liability. Even the buyers are aware of the same and keep a close watch at the schemes offered. It’s like a competition among the dealers to outsmart each other in order to sell their products. Some of the offers are like free accessories, free maintenance and insurance for 2 or 3 years, guaranteed and many more, specific to the dealer. The schemes become more and more lucrative, depending upon the kind of inventory dealers are holding or how that particular model’s sale has performed before.  It also matters a lot that the car belongs to which segment.

  1. If it’s a low range, affordable, entry level model, there can be basic level of advantages offered as for the older version models because the newer version mostly have cosmetic changes. In the newer models, there is not much difference in the engine capacity or dimension change or any other major changes because of cost constraint and statutory requirements. This segment has a value sensitive customer base and even the slightest discount or added advantage can make them to purchase.
  2. Mid level cars are the one which make a huge difference in the fortunes of the company, as well as the consumers. This is actually a game changer. This segment amounts to a big chunk of business and a smart planning at dealer’s end/ manufacturer’s end can actually make it the best time to buy a new car.
  3. High End luxury cars cater to very high profile customers. This is not the segment which gets influenced by small monetary incentive in terms of discount or goodie bags. But still there are some individuals who tend to make it their best time to buy when there are some offers running.
  • Festivals and Marriages

Special occasions like festivals or marriages can also be good time to indulge in buying a new car. The dealers go to any length to make customers and hence c n offer you a lot of customized offers to beat the customers. There can be various offers to lure the customers, like easy monthly instalments, free petrol card, free service for the 1st year, zero payment for insurance or registration, and a lot of other customized offers. These kinds of offers make an emotional connect with the customer and they tend to be loyal to the brand and to the dealer. Let’s see below some festival or special day specific schemes which make them the best time for consumers to buy a new car.

  1. New Year and Christmas—The year always ends on a high with festivals and parties and starts with a bang. Normally everyone is partying but then a lot of dealers turn this into a big marketing gimmick to attract customers to buy a new car. Customized paint job, vehicle registration in a new year, Fancy numbers etc are a few offers which attract the consumers. Various finance schemes to ease out the payments make this period as one of the best time to buy a new car.
  2. Marriages— Marriage across nations is a very big occasion. For years now, dealers and car manufacturers have taken this opportunity to promote the ales of the cars. They weave in a lot of emotional values with the purchase of new car at the time of marriage, thus boosting the sales. Statistics show that the sales actually jump multiple times during marriage season.
  3. Special occasion like Football World Cup and world sporting events like Olympics or Movie release—– These occasions do not occur very frequently but when they happen, with right kind of marketing back up, the kind of sales figure they generate is better is phenomenal, making them the best time to buy the care. Big automobile companies from Japan. Europe and US of A play important roles as promoters and sponsors for such events. Making it more interesting is the kind of engagement received by such events and movies. If any automobile company is the sponsor of the winning team or the national team, say in a racing event, it automatically turns out to be the best time to buy the car from that company as there are limited edition models.

Let’s also see from a customer’s perspective as what look for to make it the best time to buy a car for them—-

  • Duration of use

Going beyond the offers and discounts, the decision to buy a new car depends largely on the duration of the use. If the consumer wants to buy the car for a long term use, he or she waits for the right time, when they get the best deal. In this case when they compare the various occasions and the price benefit they get, most of the time, year ending, is the best time to buy a new car. The dealers want to maximize the sales and are ready to lower the margins as well. A good bargain can fetch an excellent deal for the consumer.

In other scenario, when the consumer needs the car for a small duration, but still wants to get the best deal out of it, they compare the current offers and end up choosing the best among them. Since the dealers are always in a rush to improve sales, a smart negotiation and healthy bargain can get one a good deal, making anytime as the best time to buy a new car.

  • Purpose

For a major chunk of people, the purpose to buy a new car is very important. It can be a necessity, a gift for old parents, for commuting to office, a gift for your wife or child or a status symbol or for leisure. All the above reasons have different emotional triggers and can influence one’s buying decision. Let us discuss these points one by one

  1. A necessity— One might be staying in a remote area and public transport can be few and scarce. This is a situation when one will never compromise on the need for a car. This becomes a necessity and hence, any time is the best time to buy a new car. It doesn’t matter if there are offers or discount available because you have to buy the car.
  2. A gift for old parents—- So you know that you have to buy a new car for your parents, a nice small compact one, which they can use for their daily errands and urban commute. You do not want to be extravagant as the car required here mostly has a utility. So now since you have decided, you look for the opportunity that you get better deals compared to the current offers available in the market because you do not want to wait more. So in that case, you buy the new car at the next best offer available.
  3. Office commuting— This can be a necessity or a status symbol. But in either case, you wait for the best deals available to buy a new car. Year ending or any special occasion round the corner, where the dealer provides you lucrative offers, is the best time for you to buy a new car.
  4. A gift for family (wife or children) —Its time now to buy the second car for the family. It can be nice compact hatchback for your wife to flaunt in her kitty parties or an SUV for your son to drive to college or a nice mini car for your daughter which she can drive to her evening dance class. All these occasions are for leisure purpose and once you decide to buy, you always wait for the right time, to get best offers. But mostly, year ending or just before the launch of new models is the best time to buy new car for all these requirements. You always negotiate and bargain to get the best deals.
  5. Status Symbol—So your colleague has bought that swanky new Sedan and now it has become imperative for you to upgrade your current vehicle. Here your decision to buy a new car will also require to get the best deal for your current vehicle. So you either want to sell it independently or exchange it with a new car. Any dealer, offering the best quote for your existing car along with the new purchase makes you lock the decision. If the dealer further incentivise you with goodie offers, you end up closing the deal. This can purely happen on the offers available at that time and your urgency to buy the new car. If you can wait, then the conventional time of festival or year closing is the best time to buy a new car. Or else you can compare the existing offers by the dealers and choose the best among them.
  • Brand Loyal

This factor has an important part to play in one’s decision to choose the best time to buy a new car. If you have been using a Japanese model car for a very long time, you get used to it. It becomes hard to influence or convince one to change the preference. A brand loyal person will always wait for the new model launch. If one can afford the new model, they obviously go for it, or else one upgrades to the best existing model with the dealer.

Electric car

When compared to traditional cars and bikes, electric car are a better option. The speed pick-up and
performance of an electric car is far better. It can go from 0 km/hr to 60 km/hr much faster than the traditional ones. The fuel cost is low as well. The price of gas has always wavered depending on its availability. This is not a concern when it comes to the electric car, as the price of electricity is not prone to much change over time. Electric car also enable easy maintenance because there is a lack of complex mechanism. Unlike other modes of transportation that use gas, electric car are more compact. For travelling short distances, these cars can be a good alternative.

They are environment friendly as they run on battery. Charging them is never a problem as most models plug into standard electrical outlets. Moreover, they are not an extremely expensive purchase. There are also no license requirements for them. Some electric car has safety features specially intended for children, such as acceleration and brake control. Children over ten years old often like travelling on their own, and safety becomes an issue for them. By using an electric car, they can get the fun and enjoyment of travelling while also being safe. Some cars are also portable, which makes it suitable for travelling to areas where parking is difficult to find. Due to the advancement in technology, aluminium alloys and plastics are getting stronger, which makes for lighter cars. Traffic can be avoided because cars can be manoeuvred easily through the streets. Busy, urban areas can be navigated with ease. Most work places even allow such cars indoors. Most of them offer highly smooth and quiet rides. Cars are becoming popular on hiking trails as well, thanks to their ability of driving over many kinds of surfaces.

An electric car can be found according to comfort needs. Some models offer seating, while most standing cars are made as such that the person riding it need not bend forward too much. Most models are also easy to assemble. With the instruction manuals that are provided with them, an electric car can generally be built in less than ten minutes.

Cars have become a companionable part of our lives and thankfully makes life easy for many of us as we zip through town in pursuit of our daily necessities. For those of us who are not yet familiar with the car, it’s a light two wheeled vehicle used as a means of transportation. It is affordable and popularly used for personal transportation in many developing countries. It’s also very efficient, and in cities plagued by road traffic, fully appreciated.

Asides from the conventional cars, the electronic ones seem to be the recent trend and as you can guess from its name uses electricity in the form of rechargeable batteries as its source of power. Originally known as the electric bicycle in the late 1800’s, it has gained prominence through the years amidst its technology advancements from race courses into the hands of you and I. The fact that it doesn’t make use of gasolineunlike the conventional ones has endeared it into the hearts of many, myself included. All it requires is for the battery(sealed lead-acid type) to be recharged by the end of the day via a charger connected to a wall socket (recharging takes about eight hours, give or take), and then you are good to go.Previous misconceptions have led folks to believe that cars come along with a high maintenance cost and not very strong battery life. However, this is no longer the case for a lot of modifications have taken place since its introduction into society. Manufacturers do claim that one kilowatt of electricity is used in an hour of charging a car and though, it doesn’t use up much electricity, it can also be charged with solar charger, thus saving power even. Its battery could also serve as an inverter in the case of a power failure in your home.

It is a generally known fact that lead acid batteries run down over time even if they are hardly used. Therefore,batteries of electronic cars are usually replaced after a year or two of usage else they may not serve the kind of range that they used to. Compared with purchasing fuel daily, I find this a preferable option. There are hardly cases of motor repair and the worst that can happen is to have the sensors replaced which isn’t expensive. However, it is advisable that you call on a professional to help you out when you run into issues with your car such as a tyre puncture or battery hiccup. Do not under any circumstances invite a road side mechanic to look into it. You will only be courting more problems for yourself for they are more familiar with handling the conventional ones.

It is true that compared to the conventional ones, the electronic cars cannot go very long distances for one charge can only be expected to take it as far as 40km – 200km depending on its make, but still it servesas an excellent form of commute around town, not to mention its eco-friendly nature, economy and little maintenance requirements. It has even been estimated to become a must-have in two decades from now, so what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon and get one now.

As electric car can be used for both business and pleasure, the demand for them has been increasing over the years. In accordance to the needs of riders, there are many brands available for purchase. Bird, based in San Francisco, is now available internationally. Xiaomi, known for its phones, also manufactures electric car. NIU claims to be the number one best selling car worldwide.


We can say that the best time to buy a new car is influenced by a lot of factors like, personal preferences, affordability and end use. These are further influenced by the market condition, launch of new models and offers made by the dealers. A buyer takes all these factors into consideration works with the best solution available. Depending upon the need, various options are weighed and analysed. The preferences are made and priorities are set. Then a check list is prepared to finalise the decision. Once the homework is done, the buyer compares the various models available in the market regarding features and price. Once the final options are done and one is left to decide from the final list of choices, the visits to the showroom starts with negotiations and bargain to get the best deal for the choice. If the dealer offers it, one closes the deal, making it the best time to buy the new car. Or else, one waits for the year closing or festival to get the better deal and thus making it the best time to buy a new car.

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