6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Car In USA

Just as it’s to skate on thin ice, finding a used car which match your desire is a difficult exam to encounter on your course. USA has been featured as the most induced country to buy used car when it’s meant to be long lasting. However, there still exist a froth of laundering vehicles unworthy for road work or if it may be adaptable, multiple repairs would be required every now and then.

It’s the reason why before purchasing any vehicle, quality scrutiny should be done to establish trust and confidence in the vehicle one’s buying. It’ll include both physical examination and chemical examination as well as original period purchase evaluation. It thus require the owner to have purchase documentation at hand.

What are therefore these factors that will need to be considered when buying a used car in USA? Run through the following tutorial to find out.

  1. Magnetic attraction

Isn’t it interesting? Magnetic attraction is one of the Physics property learnt by high school students at high school level. Why is it interesting?

Most students ignore these properties as they cite no where in their lives they’ll meet items like those ones. Later on God bless them with vehicles just to realize some of the properties they learnt before are required for maintenance and care of their cars.

Here we now see the significance magnetic attraction. For inspection, a bar magnet is required to check uniformity of attraction on the car body metal and thickness of paint.

If the magnet loses attraction completely at a points, it signifies a sign of previous vehicle body work which has been done by the mechanics. This communicates out clearly that magnetic attraction should be uniform along the body of any used or brand new car. To indicate no body fillers have been inducted to complete the cover on the vehicle.

Anyway, if you’re satisfied to buy used car of the same nature basing on your pocket, you may do so, but not to be dubbed and pay much for the wrong quality.

Disadvantages of filler material on the vehicle body to Consider while looking for factors to Consider when buying a used car in USA.

  • Lack of uniformity in the contraction of the body material which may lead to unmanageable wear and tear.
  • Reduce adhesive ability of paint on the car body.
  • Rough body of the car reducing aesthetic value and physical appearance to the viewers. The vehicle may not be attractive to anyone who may come across it.
  • In case of accident, the vehicle may be rendered road unworthy and even at a times pathetic to human life.

These are some of the disadvantages of vehicle body filler to Consider when buying a used car in USA, but as you move along, you’ll realize there are numerous demerits to encounter.

What else could the magnet test for?

Magnetic attraction is a property seen in existence for magnetic materials. That means, nonmagnetic materials wouldn’t be attracted by the magnet itself.

Some manufacturers use different metals to manufacture their cars. This would be a major subject when the car users will realize, on different weather, the vehicle experience massive rusting on some parts compared to other parts. As a result, a lot of painting is required more often to control rusting on the most affected parts.

It’s for this reason car users will prefer to buy vehicles which have uniform made of the metal body to avoid to much maintenance on some parts of the car more than the others.

It thus require a magnet to test attraction of the metal body to detect if it’s of the uniform metal made or not.

  1. Rust Spots

No one will prefer to buy a car which will look like a stone age car. The outlook and interior cover of the vehicle should be appealing to the eye of the buyer no matter if it’s brand new or used car. This is with due regard to rusting of metal building material of the car body.

Most vehicles in USA are made from Iron and as we already know, Iron is highly susceptible to rusting. Rusting is a process in which iron metal at it’s exposure to the atmosphere, reacts with moisture in the presence of oxygen, to form hydrated Iron III Oxide. This is the chemical substance which leads to brown color tarnish along the metal edges of the car.

It’s thus advisable to buy used car in USA within regions less affected by rusting due to atmospheric conditions.

To detect any used car in USA fit for purchase, the following guidelines are useful;

  • Check in the feeders along the metal edge as well as under the corners in case of any rust beginning to form. It’s so considerable especially under the belly of the vehicle.
  • Focus your eyes along the lower edges of the door sills, and between the door openings for the presence of rust. They’re the first parts in which rust begins to form, thus it might be seen externally the vehicle is rust free and unconditional for sale as a used car.
  • Check the car roof top along the edges and metal joints, you may be able to see if the metal is being eaten up.

From the research done by consumer insight in USA, the year 2017, it’s found out, despite the fact that there are sites susceptible to rusting, most dealers of used car for sale in USA have developed mechanisms to keep their vehicles safe for the safety of their customers.

These include; coating iron metal surfaces with other metals which do not easily rust like zinc, Painting up to the inner parts of the car, greasing of metal joints, and galvanization.

It’s at this point you’ll see for yourself a used car well kept or not, hence can decide pricing and find a vehicle in condition for use, also avoid heavy charges. Under such circumstances, you’re entitled to lower maintenance costs and repair since you only select the best used car for sale.

In USA, there are 3 most affected cities. These are the cities found within the rust belt, and that sophisticated measures are required to control dominance of cars rusting. According to Hylab Richard Florida, the narrative of the Rust Belt is really a complicated scenario. He expounds that if one is living in a big city, it looks difficult to get the right people who’re in a position to solve problems. It may be worse if you’re not appointed in any position of authority.

The three most affected cities are;

  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania

Besides the three cities, we’ve Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey cities affected as well.

The study author used U.S Census data and the American community Survey. The data focused on how cities in the Rust belt are demographically, economically, and housing market affected by the prevailing rusting conditions within their environs. It took place in the 24 cities over a period of fifteen years; 2000 to 2015.

  • Unusual Tire Wear

Car tires are like the human heart within a human body. Without it there’s no movement as it’s the movement of blood within blood vessels pumped by the heart.  It’s the one which enables the forward thrust of the vehicle to and fro a place.

In USA it has been visualized on several occasions some car tire manufacturers, almost 25 %, use unusual tire wear on the car tires which renders them irreparable in cases of an accident. That means, while brand new then get into use, on the first accident incident, they’re rendered useless.

For that reason, before buying any used car in USA, do the following inspection;

  • Find out if the tire wear is of even dimensions across the tread, also the tread blocks are flattened along the top line and not shredded or cupped.
  • New tires are likely to hide complications on the alignments which may occur difficult to fix in case the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Therefore as a buyer you should check the car tire alignment even if it’s brand new, to ensure there are no hidden problems which may result into a permanent deformation.

Causes of Tire Tread Wear After A Certain Moment of Use;

  1. Out of Spec tire alignment (Referred; Wheel alignment

Normally, proper wheel alignment is meant to adjust the angles of inclination of the tires in connection to contact with the ground road and in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications like; the toe, caster, and camber.

Improper wheel alignment would lead to; feather-edge tire wear, heel/toe tire wear, and One sided shoulder tire wear.

  1. Inappropriate inflation Pressure

Tires are usually inflated to allow room for expansion and contraction while in movement. It may also mean tires to be inflated to grant comfort to whoever is driving in the car and the passengers.

It therefore comes out clearly that whenever the tire is inappropriately inflated, many demerits may arise and could be lethal.

Now this is how it happens;

Cornering forces within the tread are imbalanced, skidding of the car arises, and it’s due to in uniform expansion and contraction of the tires.

To get rid of this, find out the car manufacturer’s tire pressure specs label or placard on the driver’s door flip or along the door jam.

Car pressure specifications are also available in the car owner’s manual. So you may also check out the manual for detailed description of the tire pressure recommendations.

  1. Coloring between the lines

Coloring in between lines is very important to help you know how old or how long the car you intend to buy has been used. This encompasses intertwining of color paints and interlock of the car components with the color paints.

Extensive exhibits of these two features signifies the car is too old as it clearly opens out a lot of body paint repair work has been carried out on the car body.

To make sure you buy the right quality of desired car on the basis of paint color and patterns, consider the following;

  • Do car inspection during daytime hours when there’s enough light.
  • While standing at the back of the car, closely look at each individual panel color. You’re mostly expected to do this when the car is of silvery color, metallic red color (light red), metallic white color, or gold appearance, ascertain that all paint colors match exact to one another as possible.

Most factories in USA seldom get the clear match of each panel, especially in more color complexes in case of used car rebrand. This is what you should do;

  • Pose a question why the darker panels have probably or repeatedly been painted.
  • Be more expatriate about small ridges within the paint work, panel edges, under the windows (just inner the door jumps), or below the hood. It’s significant to indicate where the new paint job was done as shown by marked edges masked by masking tape under or below the window sills, also close to the door or window edges.

A car buyer made a wrong decision in Ohio, and this is what he said; “Have you ever noticed that in many cases the color of a vehicle’s bumpers doesn’t exactly match the color of the vehicle body? 

I realized this recently on one of my own personal cars after the bumper was painted by a body shop as a result of a minor parking lot fender bender.  The repainted rear bumper was, to me, clearly a different color than the rest of the body.  This color disparity heightened my awareness of the issue – to the point where I see it on all types of cars everywhere I go. 

So, I started to dig in to the issue, trying to find out what causes it and, more importantly, how we can limit the issue all together. I have foreseen the issue for a long time, so when it happened on the car of my own, it’s when I realized how painful it’s.

I tell everyone, take note of color paints repairs on used cars, especially to you who intends to buy used cars. You can make a big loss on something you could have avoided

It has been clearly found cars painted grey, silvery, or white would be easy to detect if they’re in a good condition to buy. Here’s a sample of a used car impressively attracting potential buyers, as it’s able for anyone to detect paint patterns. It could be mistaken to be a brand new car but just because of proper maintenance it appears to be.

  1. Leaky Buckets

Leaky buckets can be hectic if not identified from the beginning. They may be linked symptoms of destroyed oil system or water system in the engine. In most cases small metallic tubes and pipes may be the cause of the problem. They may be corroded by acidic solutions of the car battery leading to leakages. The situation may be worse if the fluids enters engine cylinders as they may lead to engine explosion and eventually vehicle blast.

It’s therefore mandatory to ascertain there are no hidden/visible leakages in the car engine or anywhere within the car to make sure you buy the right quality of desired used car in USA. Some sellers may not speak out the right nature of their vehicles, what they look after is, “how many dollars?”

Here’s the guideline on how it can be done on inspection;

  • Make sure to look at the lower face of the hood to check for any oily residue running from any part of the car down keeping in mind the side of the engine components. It’s easy to spot leakage at this point.
  • Possibly meet the seller of the car at his/her home, and match to where the car was parked overnight.

Confirm to see if there are any kind of oil spots on the floor down the ground, and if there are seen oily spots, ensure to check where they come from under the car hood.

  • Make sure to check all dripping and engine box fluids. They should look clear/visible and have good adherent color (light-brown for motor oil, and bright but opaque blue, green, or orange in case of radiator coolant). If the fluids are not full to the brim, ask the reason why. It’ll be a good confirmatory test if there’s an ailment anywhere within the car.
  1. Keep Seams straight

To keep seams straight is an important technique by which a car buyer may use to find out if a used car is in good condition for purchase. It’s physical hence very simple to pursue and have satisfactory results. What one needs is only to know how it’s done.


  • Stand at the back of the car, from the front, and each side .
  • Having your eyes steady, make a following along every seam in between the body panels, in between fenders and the car hood, and in between the fenders and the door. Remember, each seam should maintain an even width at its seam length.
  • Make sure to check around the tail and the head, also head lights as well as the bumpers on which they’re attached to. It’s not easy for auto body shops to gain access to every component to be lined up just as it was from the original place of manufacture or the factory.

Does Cheaper Price Of Used Cars Equal a Better Deal?

There’s a proverb which says, “no two snowflakes are exactly the same”. When we reflect buying a used car, the same saying holds true. Usually, the physical differences such as exterior and interior colors, seat material (cloth or leather), option packages, mileage, and engine size, are what distinguish them.

More significantly, since the time the cars were initially bought and driven for some time, their road histories become quite different for a glimpse of reasons.

The histories can also be the swift difference maker between making a wise decision to buy versus purchasing an orange.

As a potential used car buyer, it doesn’t matter whether it’s via a private dealership, seller, or you buy online, it’s your responsibility to carry out inspection in regard to guarantee the best decision to buy a used car possibly as you can.

Remember, the less guesswork will be involved in the exercise, the better your purchase will possibly be. What to remember is that a cheaper car may likely end up costing a lot of repairs more in the long run.

As a potential buyer, do not just use pricing as the only tool for deciding which the best used car to buy, search for overall best value of the car.

One important feature to consider in detecting this is Car Maintenance History. Find out how;

Used Cars Differ Most Likely Because Of Their Maintenance History

Performing Routine Maintenance on your car in due regard to manufacturer intervals recommendations is one most significant ways to hold an auto in an excellent condition.

For that reason, when shopping for a used car, it’s your responsibility as much as you can to learn about its maintenance history. Thus running the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) via Carfax is one significant way to determine how well it was maintained.

In such cases, check with any service records which may have been preserved within the glove box altogether with the owner’s manual, or ask the car dealer or seller for more information.

Other distinguishing factors you may look for are as follows;

  • With reference to vehicle hands, has the car changed most likely several times? The moment the used car had got many owners, the more possibly one of them or two failed to take care of it as it was expected.
  • Do any of the exhaust system or engine parts seem to wear out or look old?
  • Was the previous car owner a young man or lady who would have driven the vehicle rapidly or old grandmother who might have hardly drove it before?
  • Is it systemic synthetic oil has been used in engine system continuously before? If yes, synthetic oil utilization prolong longevity of all engine parts.
  • Has the car seemingly been inspected before extensively by a mechanic prior to sale?

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